Green Monday- Media Kit

Why I choose Green? No, my mind is not full of green thoughts but you never know unless you visit us always. Seriously speaking, green is my favorite color and aside of that, I wanted to spread the word of having an eco-friendly ways.

This is just my simple way on helping our Mother Earth maintains it’s beauty. So every Monday, please share your ideas of our love of Green. It’s a time to showcase your pictures of something green. Any pictures of green items, environment, people, your family helping the community, your recent cause, your children wearing something green, your new found item, everything with something Green are very much welcome.

Let us promote something Green and our love for Nature.

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as of December 30, 2014

Possible ways we could work together include:

  • Press and Coverage , please visit my press page.
  • Contests & giveaways for your product. I have reviewed different products since inception. I have a large love for consumer products and enjoy getting the opportunity to review and learn more about them. Read my requirements for giveaway.

Unless discussed beforehand, any product given to me is mine to keep as freebies  for my review. I also require that you directly ship the prize(s) to the winner(s).

Product Reviews: I always provide honest opinions that are solely mine on reviews. All I ask is that you provide me with a sample product and any requested information about the product. I will include company information and an image of the product in my review/giveaway.

Timeframe of posting the review/giveaway:
I generally post my review within 21 days of receiving the product or a month period for beauty/fashion or products that need testing.


About Melandria 


Thank you for your interest to work with me.  I’m a proud eco- mom of two adorable kids.   Because of my passion for writing, this site along with the other blogs i have was created to share my inner love for beauty, fashion and journey of getting fit and my musings as a working mom. I always prefer organic and natural products and I believe that one step at a time can make a big difference on preserving our Mother Earth.

Check out my other sites;

Fitness Fashion and Freebies  Fashion and Passion Online, or about my korean addiction –  Movie Drama Addict

Although I am not a professional ,  i tried my best to provide my readers the accurate information regarding the natural and organic products i used, brands i love and my advocacy on living a more greener life. I’m still looking forward on your green monday.

Contact information:
Melandria Romero

Thank you for your consideration and time.


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