Green Monday Meme #4- Earth Hour ++

It’s good to be back after a while.  I missed blogging and I miss you all.  I’m really sorry I was not able to blog hop with all your entries last week.  It was only today that I have to let myself open the net and write a post for my blogs.  But I never forget my promise on joining Earth Hour and Beyond and I do hope that you have also done your fair share to help our Mother Earth and before I forgot, I would like to thank you all for the prayers and warm wishes.






Green Monday Entry from January





Posted by January of Jan’s Glimpse of World

A very interesting picture indeed!

Here is our Entry for the Week.  Remember my last post encouraging every one to join the Earth Hour, now, it’s time to post your Earth Hour contribution.   Thank you for joining!  For the mechanics and badge, grab it here: Just copy the picture and link it here and don’t forget to visit other blogs listed and  share your comments!

Earth Hour ++ –

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Green Monday Meme # 3


  1. Weeeh! Thank you for featuring my last week’s entry. Such an honor. yippeee!

    Hope you can check out my shares for today. Something green here & my earth hour share here.

    Happy Green Monday Everyone! 🙂

  2. Good to know about the 60 hour earth day. Happy green Monday.

  3. glad i made it just in time..last week i didn’t notice i forgot to link up my entry..forgetful me..more power to green monday 😉


  1. […] on April 22 and our family has been supporting it for three years. Take a peak of our last year Earth Day. This year, to promote Earth Day more, i thought doing a Green Monday- Earth Day Giveaway hop would […]

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