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What’s a perfect morning for you?

I’m not a morning person.  It is not that I’m lazy but I just love crumpling in bed while enjoying the the warmth of my pillows and the embrace of my children.  But because I needed to go to work, I have to move my way up in bed and do my usual morning routine.

Morning is a new day to celebrate the beauty of a new beginning,  a new happening in your daily life.  Even if it’s a usual boring day, you need to spark  it up and make it fruitful and interesting.  Maybe that’s the same reason why I so love coffee.  It’s very comforting and refreshing to start your day with a cup of coffee and even ending up a stressful day with another cup.

Although I love a certain brand,  I still prefer something organic and I have tried several of them. It is because of the fact that organic coffee is more beneficial in our health because it doesn’t contain harmful ingredients on the process of making it and the fact that some of organic coffee was produced with taking into consideration our environment and helping fair trade market or local growers.

You might have read about the process of organic coffee on this site and I’m sharing another organic coffee to all of you.   Green Mountain Coffee is a brand that has a great passion which extends beyond creating great coffee. They believe in the significance of the world around us, and the impact they have on everything they do.  You can check out this page on how this great beans were turned into your favorite blend of coffee. (behind the bean) I love the idea that they come up to have a different variety of coffee,  from light to dark roast since coffee lover has choices to consider.

I remember my father will often told me , “what is coffee when it doesn’t taste one?”  he always prefers dark coffee but I’m more subtle and inventive and would love to try just anything.

I have heard about Green Mountain coffee before but never got the chance to try one, so when i had this chance to try it for myself, you could imagine my enthusiasm.  The smell of the whole beans is really refreshing. Although, it makes me stop for a while since i forgot i don’t have a grinder and I have to find someone to grind them for me.  But nevertheless, it’s worth waiting and the aroma is indeed inviting.

No wonder Green Mountain coffee is considered as one of the leading organic coffee because it gives a tempting taste, very refreshing and makes you just stop what your doing and enjoy every sip.

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This is what I called a perfect morning for me,  sipping a cup of coffee with my favorite protein bar,  a comforting cup to brighten the busy day that’s ahead of me.   So, what’s your perfect morning?  Share them with me!  Do you love coffee too and have you tried Green Mountain,  if not, you can check your local grocery store if they carry this brand or  visit their website today and follow them on Facebook for the latest updates.

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