Green Peace Activists shows toxic chemical in branded clothes

green peace activists shows awareness

A research made by Green Peace, an organization that had been campaigning since 1971 about environmental degradation recently states that  ” Washing Big Name Brands Makes Consumers Polluters” .  Supporters/ Green activists in the Philippines shows the proof over the matter.  Greenpeace released today its “Dirty Laundry: Reloaded” report challenging the global textile and footwear industry to lead elimination of hazardous chemicals and introduce mechanism and safe alternatives and make the people aware about this discharges that could cause a major toxic and pollution in our environment.

A group of Greenpeace activists illustrated how toxic chemicals can be found on branded clothes that will eventually flow on the waterways upon being washed by consumers.  Armed with the sample of branded shirts, they sit in the bank of Marikina River showing the people the proof of what they have been sharing the public.  This dirty little secret of this big companies is truly alarming.

In 2011 they published two reports detailing the presence of NPEs in clothing and footwear of 15 leading brands.  Result shows  that famous brands such as Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch,  Calvin Klein among others had been unknowingly polluting the public water of many countries around the world where their products had been used.

dirty little secret

Dirty Little Secret

While other country like Europe had already banned the “Nonylphenols, for their endocrine-disrupting properties, this is not yet included in the Philippines list of priority chemicals.  The organization is encouraging many brands to participate in their “Detox challenge.  Currently, Nike, Adidas, Puma and Li-Ning, along with clothing retailers H&M and C&A, made their promise to “detoxify.”

In this era knowing that our Earth is dying, it is a sad fact knowing  big companies have been making the big share on destroying our environment.  It is my belief that even though things could not be reversed,  there are still many ways to help the environment cope up with this such destruction as long as the people and the involved companies will help.

Read more stories at Green Peace  and learn how you can make your share.  You can also join our Green Monday Meme wherein you can share your ideas of green and living or just show us your favorite green thing.

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  1. More often than not, it’s the big names that cause the environment great harm. And it’s nice to know that the top sports brands have pledged to the cause.

  2. Their Detox challenge seems to be very interesting. I hope we have something like that here in the philippines.

  3. hala ka! ganun? waaaa this is scary. i dont really think about the clothes i buy. tsk tsk i hope we put a regulation to this na 😀

  4. good thing my favorite H&M brand is starting to take on this green route. thanks for this informative post.

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