GM # 23 -Green Postcard & Stamps

I still remember when I was in grade school when I look forward on the postcards received by my father from his friends around the globe (he works in a hotel then) I will eventually took hold of it and wish that I can visit their place and meet other people. That’s were my dream to be an ambassador came from but believe it or not that dream still do exists in the part of my brain.

Since I started into postcrossing. All I can think of when I see a new bookstore is to go inside and look for postcards.  I’m getting excited when I received postcard from postcrossing enthusiasts and fellow blogger friends too.

Different Mayon Volcano Postcard

Now, I set a goal for myself that hopefuly before this year ends, atleast I have one (1) postcard on each postcrossing participating country but I think it would be somehow difficult considering that the other countries are not interested in direct swap.

Don’t you just love it when you receive a new postcard from different countries and seeing them makes you feel you have already been a part of it.  In this modern days of internet and telephone, sometimes postcard are already set aside by many teens and youngsters.  I do hope the passion will be instilled in their minds and postcrossing will not just a thing of the past or for old people (ooh, I’m not old)  but also for the next generation to come.

Happy Postcrossing to all!  If you wish to have a direct swap with me!  Do visit me at Postcrossing Haven and leave a note on my mailbox.

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Thank you so much again for sharing your Green Living Ideas.


Green Stamps shared by Family Life Online

and this one i found on the net is so cute too!

Hongkong 2011 Green living stamps

(i wish someone will send me this green stamps)

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  1. i remember collecting those familiar cads when I was in grade school. There were lots of those displayed in each classroom.
    Good luck on ur interesting hobby:)

  2. That’s my goal when I stayed in one place, a postcard in every country. Fun and exciting, too. Since, I kept on moving, I stopped. Sayang because I can not reply those mails, postcards and stamps anymore.

  3. Hi happy Green Monday!! This is my first time to join this meme Yay!
    Oh got a stamp collection too though mine is more of landmarks from different countries cheers
    here’s my GM entry

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    hope you can join us.
    here’s the link my friend

  4. it feels like my first time again to join MGM after months of hiatus, anyways glad to be back.

    enjoy the rest of the week,here’s my green entry, hope you check it out too

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