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Thank you for visiting My Green Living Ideas.  This site is a realization of my dream to contribute to our Mother Earth in one way and another, to share and educate our fellowmen the beauty of nature. I am not an expert on this field but i would like to share with you my ideas on how we can live in a better world through our own simple ways.  Feel free to browse the site to learn new ideas about green living tips and ideas, eco-living, skin and health, causes, eco-friendly products.

If you have any ideas, comments to share, please leave your mark by leaving me a note or comment and if you have any suggestions to make this site more worthwhile for you, please don’t hesitate to do so.

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I also love learning about new products, services or websites and share them with my readers! Product reviews and giveaways are an easy, effective way to create interest in your product and direct traffic to your website!  My Green Living Ideas welcomes the opportunity to try your  eco-friendly product(s) and hold giveaways to her readers in return for writing and posting honest product reviews! We are also willing to work with those interested in advertising/sponsoring our website.

I do not charge for reviews if product samples are provided for us to try and keep. My reviews are detailed and honest, letting readers know exactly what I have experienced with your particular service/product. Each review receives its’ own personal attention, full of details, pictures, and links! If, for some reason, the review will not be positive, we will not post anything until we contact you and work to resolve the situation (should such an issue arise). Please be aware: We are not responsible for shipping charges. Samples/products will not be returned.

There is no charge for hosting giveaways if product samples are provided for us to review. It is the giveaway sponsor’s responsibility to ship the prize directly to the winner. This saves time, money, and having to ship the prize all over (which also helps save on valuable resources!)

Please let me know the following so that I can meet your giveaway expectations!

1. I prefer that the giveaway item is for the same item I reviewed. If this is not possible, please let me know what you prefer to provide for the giveaway (a specific monetary amount, a certain item, winner’s choice, etc.)

2. How many giveaway winners would you prefer?

3. Would you prefer the giveaway to be US only, US/Canada only, Philippines, worldwide, etc?

4. How long would you like the giveaway to run for? Usually we try to run them for 2-4 weeks to get readers excited and get traffic flowing to your website.

5. Do you want to have any mandatory requirement of the giveaway (i.e.: entrants have to become a Facebook fan, Twitter follower, email subscriber, etc.)?

  • The product review will be posted as a separate article as well as permanently placed under my product review page.  If you would opt to do a giveaway, I will advertise it on a separate post and create a button advertisement for the giveaway on the side bar of my website.  This is a way readers usually see when visiting a website and will generate high traffic for you which is a great promotion for your products.
  • I use rafflecopter but we can arrange for something different as you wish the giveaway to be.
  •  Please note that it is your responsibility to send the giveaway prize to the selected winner. We will forward you all the contact information as requested following the giveaway so the prize (s) can be sent accordingly.
Please feel free to roam around my site and read older entries.  All the   pictures featured here are from the author itself unless otherwise specified with credits from the site or the photographer. No part of this site are allowed to copy unless with special arrangement from the author.
Please note that this is a  family-friendly site. I reserve the right to refuse any advertiser. Once you purchase ad space it is non-refundable.


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If you have a business or your a company and you are interested in doing a review or giveaway, you can have your company mentioned on my blog. This includes a 150 word minimum post about your company/products, pictures, and links to your web page. All payments need to be paid in full via Paypal before the post will be published.

Guest post rate starts from $100.00 depending on number of links.  Copy paste posts are considered as long as it is an original posts and niche related, post rates starts at $70,

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