Green Project – Scrapbook for my Postcrossing

I can call myself a collector.  I love collecting just anything.  I have collections of old coins and stamps, dog figurines, key chains, pooh stuff toys, dvd series, korean novela movies, books from authors i love, even magazines and love letters from my ex’s and suitors but they were all thrown out when i met my hubby (LOL) and just whatever things that caught my interest and recently, i wanted to venture into a new project, postcrossing. I remember the postcards my father used to receive from his friends around the world, “he used to work in a hotel” that’s why he had a chance to meet different people.  I always love gazing at the beautiful pictures but it is not mine to keep.

I wanted to try this activity but guess what, most of my friends are only from manila and i don’t know many people who are living abroad , so where in earth i could find someone to exchange post cards and then i met mommy bloggers and saw Mommy Rubz post for those who wanted to receive postcards from Bacolod and that caught my interest and take the opportunity and that is the story of my first postcard and another one arrived from the mail and now it’s from Mommy Gen from North Carolina, U.S.A.  Wow, now i have a local and international postcard to keep.  I also request MIL to send me one, she’s currently at Canada.

And that’s the time, i told myself, I would definitely start this new hobby of mine. “Postcrossing”.  I join the site for postcards lover, and hoping to meet some post card lover too and exchange cards from them.

there it was, the bacolod smile and nature postcard coming from two lovable moms of PMC! thanks again Mommy Rubz and Mommy Gen

And in view of this recent project of mine, i have made a scrapbook so all my postcards will be organized and i can have a chance to look at them , over and over again.  The pages are not yet finished and I only have two to put into but i just finished the cover and you could take a peek on it.  So, if you are too generous enough to send me some postcard, I would really love to receive them, i only wished that real stamps will be used for them and no envelope please.  I prefer nature or colorful , you know why! LOL.

I so love sunflower, so if you happen to have a chance to get a sunflower postcard, ooh, i would definitely put them on a special page with lots of kisses.

You can send me a direct message via my contact form!  Thanks so much!

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  1. I love scrapbooking, I used to do that back in highschool. Your scrapbook is beautiful. 🙂

  2. Sylvia Zajis says

    I really enjoy collecting stuff myself….too much stuff. I have gotten quite a bit together to now start scrapbooking so I can view these things instead of stuffing them in a drawer. Thanks for sharing some of your ideas with us.

  3. I will use it to make a present for my friend)

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