Green Thoughts: When Nature strikes back

As the old saying goes, “kung ano ang tinanim, siya mo ring aaniin” (what you plant is what you reap.”)

With the recent problems of flooded metro and a swarm of garbage lying on the streets on the aftermath of Habagat, it is just safe to assume that the main reason of this heavy pitfall is denuded forest and improper waste disposal.

Change is indeed inevitable, as one country becomes progressive and population goes up in numbers, the demands for shelter, clothing and foods increases.  And the once secluded forest, home of different animals was converted into residential property which now becomes a haven of a budding family.

The once greener place is now darkening with pollution and garbage not properly disposed and as years passed by, nothing will be left but memories of yesterday.  We have used and abused the gift of nature and we leave her no choice, as Mother Earth silently weeps in tears, her wrath becomes inevitable.  We become the taker and she is the giver, and we took her for granted because of our unreasonable demands.

Now, we are reaping the consequences of our own actions and our generation is left with painful disasters.  But the damage has been done, pointing fingers of who is at fault is just a waste of time.

We should stand together and help rebuild what we still have and hopefully, we can learn from our mistakes.  May we be enlightened by the fact that we should be responsible for our actions and make our world a greener place not just for us but for our future generation.

As we weep and grieve with the losses of today, i wish that this could also give us hope and courage to face tomorrow.

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  1. on a brief vacation, we travelled 8 hours from manila to my Husband’s hometown in Ifugao. I marveled…and almost weep at the sheer beauty of our country. Lush greenery as we move farther away from the city. I only wish we get to value what we have because many countries will kill for the natural resources we are blessed. I hope Manila and our leaders will wake up soon

  2. True that.
    Even if the government exhaust all efforts in implementing rules and launching campaigns, in the end, it all falls down in the hands of each and everyone of us. Kung wala tayong disiplina or malasakit sa kalikasan, wala talagang mangyayari. Mabubura tayo sa mapa nyan pag laging ganyan. 🙁

  3. There are prizes and consequences for the things that we do to mother nature. One’s responsibility to take care of it extends beyond personal security when nature strikes back – flood does not choose to ravage only those who dispose garbage improperly. So, yes, aside from that, let’s try to make things sustainable.

  4. Let’s value mother nature. The song “masdan mo ang kapaligiran” describes exactly what is happening right now.

  5. Manila should start a strict implementation of proper garbage disposal like what we do here in Cebu. Segregation is more important than anything else. And people in urban areas are either ignorant about this method or just plain lazy.

  6. I hope the recent flooding will prompt a change to everyone’s habits and love for the environment. Puro sila reklamo, pero sila mismo sa sarili nila hindi naman inaalagaan ang kalikasan 🙁

  7. How I wish everyone would be aware of their carbon footprint and respond accordingly. The wrath if mother nature is man made.

  8. special education philippines says

    There will be a tree planting activity on September 30 at Tanay, Rizal on September 30. You might want to be part of our efforts to make positive changes to our environment. You can check the Special Education Philippines fan page how you can either contribute or help in the actual tree planting activity.

  9. that’s why other people call these unfortunate events as man-made destruction. It was people who made this happen so I hope they will learn from these mistakes.

  10. The effort should come from the individual and if we all lift an effort to safeguard our country then the flooding can be alleviated.

  11. If other nationalities are so disciplined in disposing their trash, why can’t we? Every Filipino must do their part in protecting the environment so is the government. The government should provide good garbage disposal system and recycling solutions.

  12. This is true-it’s not the government to blame but these calamities are the results of our inconsiderate actions toward Mother Nature.

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