Green Toys : Recyclable Toys for Your Kids

Toys are really essential in child’s play. As a mother, I always make sure that I have green toys readily available to keep my kids busy and entertained why I busy myself doing household chores. Having toys around builds their creativity, teaches them to socialize with other kids and educates them with basic concepts that they have to learn in life.

One thing that I make sure with the toys that my kids play with is that they are safe, not only to them but also to the environment. To double the fun, I also make sure to play with them as well.

green toys review

One of the favorite things that we do is usually set outdoors. We would run around playing Dragon and T-Rex and would even lie down on the grass pretending to look above the stars. Spending time with them outdoors does not only make them feel my love but also builds their locomotive skills and helps in keeping them strong, lively and happy. I make sure that we play outdoors every now and then to enjoy the sun and the beauty surrounding us but keeping them safe with natural mosquito protection from PARA’KITO.

To enhance their creativity, I also encourage them to play with recycled toys. Beside the toys that their older cousins have given to them, we really enjoy playing with toys from Green Toys. My kids love the space ship toys and this new dumper from this brand. We would spend hours carrying sand from the colorful trucks to their sand box where they would create castles and shapes.

green toys

As a mom, I really pay attention to my kids and the things that I surround them with. Green Toys products are safe, easy to clean, colorful and environment friendly and not to forget, that it’s Made in the USA. Knowing that their items are recycled also makes me feel closer to the environment. We are helping nature while providing something colorful, fun and creative for our kids.

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