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For someone who loves nature,  I am very lucky to find somebody who I could share the same passion. Hubby and I loves to travel and see the majestic view of nature and the world around us.  Enjoying a great destination travel is something we always look forward too.  Whether it’s the mountain or the sea shore, we always make sure that we bring along great gears.

Backpacking is a lot of fun especially if you are travelling with your love one since you get the chance to bond and explore different places together and create memories that you share and can look back together. Hubby always love back packs, for him it’s more comfortable on bringing one even in some city tour .  We need a lightweight backpack that can holds all the things we need  even if we are just travelling different cities or trekking the mountain in a half day.

teton sports

So, when I got the chance to receive and review Teton Sports Summit 1500,  hubby was really ecstatic of the idea and could not wait to get his hands of this backpack.

This hydration–ready daypack fits a 2-liter bladder (not included) and has left and right ports and clips for drinking tube. With six pockets, two pouches, slide storage, and gear loops, the Summit1500 stores everything you need for an overnight or full–day trip. Front map pocket has storm–proof zipper and water–resistant liner. Compression straps cover side pouches to keep water bottles or longer items in place. Adjustable comfort harness fits children or adults. Lifetime guarantee. (source :

Teton Sports started in Utah in the year 2005 and since then, they were creating and giving quality backpacks, sleeping bags and travel gears for travel enthusiasts.  Their bag collections is definitely a must try.

What I love about it

We think this would be most useful for airline trips than carrying  two items, a roller bag or another ordinary bag.   The pockets  are very handy for items that we need right away rather than having to fish into the bottom.  It has a lots of pockets, so you have plenty of rooms to put your small things.

teton sports back

The shoulder straps are very comfortable and the bag has plenty of room to carry quite a bit, if you want.  Overall, this is a good product and something I would recommend for those light trips you have in mind since it’s a little bit smaller than I really expected. Have a green travel with teton sports.
Buy them:
You can check out Teton Sports online site or find them on the nearest retail stores.  You can also check them out in where i usually love to shop.  You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

Get them for free:

Come back in this site to learn how you can win this backpack.

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  1. perfect for travelers and for those who are into sports too! so many compartments! 😀

  2. Awesome bag! Totally great for backpackers! <3

  3. It does look like a very nice outdoors bag. I appreciate that it has tons of pockets and also pockets outside that will allow you to easily take items without having to dig through your bag. 🙂 I hope it’s as sturdy as it looks!

  4. That Teton Sports backpack has lots of compartments, really great for traveling! I want to own one, too!

  5. if im going backpacking il definitely choose this bag

  6. Hubby also loves backpack which is huge but comfortable to use. It’s nice that there’s a lot of pockets where you can put anything on it.

  7. I agree it doesn’t matter how much was the cost as long as the backpack is comfy and easy to carry. I think that’s what matters most when it comes to hiking.

  8. those are indeed great for camping and hiking. you can stuff all kinds of basic needs in there

  9. looks like a good outdoor backpack.. it remind of a relative who is into hiking

  10. i will surely be back sis.. i love the bag perfect gift for hubby

  11. i love mountaineer backpacks. t’s my first choice to use when i go on a travelling light when going to a vacation.

  12. That would be great for hiking or even a simple trekking.

  13. This would be great for outdoor trips!! I am sure hubby would like this too.

  14. This would have been perfect on our hikes to the Colorado mountains. We love to hike too and to have a backpack that is something like this that can hold things that we need on our hike is wonderful. I love it! I want one too.

  15. That’s a nice backpack! Something my hubby will love as well.

  16. My hubby would definitely love the backpack! would love to travel with Teton sports!

  17. This would be great for all kinds of outdoor trips

  18. Jane Ritz says

    Green travel mans hiking, walking, running or biking.

  19. Loved your review- gave me enough information to want this backpack. My husband is crazy about his backpack. Now I need one!

  20. Hello, I am glad you have found a passion you and hubby can enjoy together. I am suppose to comment on what green travel means to me. I think it means to travel with non disposable items, like no water bottles that have to be discarded, and that you should always leave the place in the same or better order that you found it. Vicki

  21. Diana Stanhope says

    Awesome backpack. When we travel we try to leave no trail to me that is what being green means. Take only pictures leave only footprints.

  22. Judy Thomas says

    Great bag!

  23. Judy Thomas says

    Green Travelling is taking photos and leaving nothing behind .


  25. Darlene Jones-Nelson says

    Being more greener while camping to me means to leave everything the way it was when you got there. This backpack would be awesome for camping and during hikes!

  26. Cara Daymude says

    Green Travel means Experiencing Nature without leaving your Echo Print behind.

  27. Kelly Powell says

    Cleaning up and back packs!!!

  28. Dana West says

    Great backpack. Enough room to keep everything with you and have a green trip!

  29. jose benavides says

    green means saving the world

  30. Lyndi Malarchuk says

    I just love the “green travel” concept. About every 3-4 years, we go on a big Disney World vacation… the absolute OPPOSITE of green travel! So, during the interim years, we like to go on more low-key, local, greener adventures. Travelling green is more about spending time and less about spending money. It might take an hour or 2 to bike to your destination instead of 30 minutes in the car, but imagine all the amazing things you can see and do when you’re taking the extra time. Thanks!

  31. Amy Levitre says

    Love the colors and you can never have too many pockets.

  32. Elizabeth Gentry says

    We love the idea of traveling green as well. We live so close to so many beautiful mountain ranges it’s the perfect area for hiking and camping and belonging to a camping club we try to do so frequently. Teton Sports is a great name for camping gear and this bag would be made to last. It would also be great for those traveling or for day outings with kids.

  33. My hubby loves to explore the great outdoors. He climbed Mt. Diablo in California a few months ago, and now he wants to climb Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier. These backpacks would be awesome for him! As I type this, he’s actually looking at some of Teton Sports’ merchandise. 🙂

  34. Leona Villa says

    Pretty cool gear. Makes me want to go camping.

  35. Krista Grandstaff says

    LOVE how it already has specific space for a bladder..a must have when we hike here in Texas…

  36. Mya Murphy says

    Green travel, to me, means staying in motels (if you do) that conserves water, power, etc.
    I never do this. My husband and I are camping fools. I absolutely LOVE the backpack, and have bought from Teton in the past. They offer awesome, built products.

  37. debbie olson says

    green camping is the best thing for the environment. it is important that we take care of nature so it is there for the following generations. it takes little effort to live green and we are a whole should care about the future generations and what we leave behind for them.

  38. I really hope my husband will love this backpack, as much as you all do! My David and I have finally found something that we like to do together — geocaching and camping!!!

  39. Rachel Salinas says

    Green travel to me means that you take care of God’s earth by not using harmful chemicals and such, and not leaving any trash behind!

  40. Green camping is the only way to camp!

  41. What ever you carry in, you carry them out too.

  42. Judith Smith says

    Green camping is if you pack it in, you pack it back out and reuse, recycle.

  43. Richard W says

    Leave nothing behind but your footprints. This backpack looks great

  44. Marie Butler says

    Green camping traveling light, using reusable items, and always leave it looking better than when you arrived! 🙂

  45. John Hutchens says

    Green travel means to me to take care of your surroundings when you enjoy them so others can enjoy it too.

  46. Amy Peschel says

    My idea of green camping is not using any modern conveniences.

  47. Jode Wells says

    Camping out using just the basics.

  48. Richard Hicks says

    Green travel to me is being as responsible as possible keeping nature as pristine and clean as no one ever visited after you leave.

  49. Debbie Loy says

    Seeing the beautiful country and leaving it in better condition than when you arrived.

  50. jennifer ebner says

    green traveling to me is making sure you don’t disturb nature when you are out in it. Leave the smallest footprint possible so that the Earth will remain beautiful. Don’t pack a bunch of stuff you don’t really need. Don’t take from nature and don’t leave anything there that wasn’t there to begin with. use a tent or sleep under the stars. this pack looks like it would be great for hiking and green camping! i’d love to give it a try!

  51. Jeanne B-W says

    Green traveling is leaving only footprints. Leave nature as you found it.

  52. David A. P. says

    Green travel basically just means taking as little non-nature essentials with me and living off the land! Build a fire, don’t bring one.

  53. Sophia R says

    Green travel is leaving camp the way you found it!

  54. Tammie Pyrzewski says

    Green Travel to me means …traveling on foot in an all nature area.

  55. jennifer grover says

    Green camping is to me “leave no Trace’.. I love the scouting slogan, it just says it all and embodies Green camping

  56. saving the world by organic purchases, recycling, and being nice towards mother nature 🙂

  57. michelle elizondo says

    it means only using biodegradable things

  58. kathy pease says

    green travel to me would be being close to nature

  59. Hesper Fry says

    Green travel means giving back what nature gives to you.

  60. stephanie haders says

    Finding ways to reduce waste.

  61. CarolynH says

    This review is helpful. I think this backpack sounds like what we need for our short hikes & short day trips.

  62. Peggy Greco says

    Green Travel to me means conserve your resources and be good,considerate of surroundings, people where you visit.

  63. Gabriele Jolly says

    We love ours we took it on our European Escapes Tour. It held everything we needed on our daily Bus Tours from rain gear to cameras extra batteries,film, sun protection, maps water bottles and snacks. It was very comfortable with the wide straps not cutting into you. Hubby and me switch off and on carrying it so our backs could cool off and take a break from the load.

  64. im in utah too.

  65. michelle oakley warner says

    green travel to me is when traveling use as little as possible for less waste and to use reusable items for less waste and less trash for the landfills

  66. Nelda Gay says

    We prefer to travel and camp out green too! We love to be one with nature and just enjoy the beauty! Thank you for the great blog.

  67. kathy Kerner says

    as a girl scout leader..i teac h my girls to enjoy the outdoors and do what scouts call..leave no trace.. leaving our area as if it were untouched. showing respect for out natural surroundings

  68. Looks like it’s very roomy to travel with.

  69. Kelly Powell says

    Thank you for sharing!!!

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