Green Trick or Treat Times

Have a green Halloween!  This is the time that little children loves to trick or treat and get dressed with beautiful halloween costumes and pose like ghost hunters.  But this is also the time of year that is not favorable to our Mother Earth considering the volumes of foils that was used for chocolates and candies that we used to give.

But having a happy Halloween should not sacrifice our eco-living.  There are many green tips that we can used to have a fulfilling green trick or treat times that adult and children would surely love.

Greener costumes:

         It’s your chance to make your own costume for your children.  Instead of buying new costume , Use or re-use your old clothes to make halloween costumes for your children. This will help you save money, gasoline and effort to find a new costumes.  This is also a great time to join Costumes for a cause.

          Avoid conventional hair dyes, instead use biodegradable henna or plant based products.

Organic Greener Candies

Organic Dark chocolate bug bites

          Have you heard organic candy.  Well, having a natural and healthy candies to give to children would be a wise choice.  Instead of those wrapped in foils and plastics or dark chocolates, there are other options you can choose from.  Instead of sweet candies, why not try dried fruits, granola bars, seed packets or make your own special polvoron made from your organic products.

        If you could not avoid the traditional candies.  You can possibly choose organic candies made from natural colors or you can visit The Natural Candy store and choose from hundreds of different organic candies or if your a person who can’t possibly forget chocolates,  you can also use them to help endangered species by indulging yourself to feast with this dark chocolates, try it and you will surely have an unending bliss.

Reusable Trick or Treat Bags

from etsy

         Eco friendly trick or treating , that is one thing we wanted to achieve and by using reusable trick or treat bags you are on the right track to help preserving our Mother Earth.  Plastics is always a no-no.  This is the perfect time to buy your kids a tote bag or clear eco-bag and decorate it with Halloween accent and you have a beautiful and dainty Halloween Eco-bag which you can still used the following year. You can also visit Evelyn Fields at Etsy Store for diy eco bags.

Eco friendly Halloween Party

Now, trick or treat would be a lot of fun and in case you want to have a festivity at home,  skip the paper invites , instead why not use an internet invites or ecard or maybe design your own invitation using old paper or recycled paper from your cabinets or old stocks.  You will find out that it was very fulfilling to make one.

This time of year dark is best, get spooky and skip the lights and go dim.   Serve your visitors with healthy refreshments by using ripe fruit juice and organic apple pie or healthy vegetable salads.

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