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Just looking at this beautiful picture shared by Shiju Sugunan makes me realize how beautiful little things are. Sometimes, we tend to disregard their existence or maybe we are just fully too occupied and maybe as busy as a bee.

If you are a mother of two little one just like me , your life would be so busy trying to find a good income for your family.  Sometimes, i want to just relax and close my eyes and forget all these things but then when i open my eyes reality will strike again.  Just having a short bonding time with my kids are very precious especially now that my maternity leave will be over soon and my daily routine will be busy again. So, do you have a greener mind?


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Here is my share for this week

greener than green


I’m cleaning my hard drive and deleting some excess pics and found this one.  This was three years ago in one of our visit on hubby’s family farm.

I wished i could be a little thinner like this again.  I’m getting bigger as time goes by or maybe it was just my pregnancy.  (LOL)

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  1. joined GM again, sis! 🙂

  2. Thank you for featuring my entry. I am quite overwhelmed by the honour.

  3. Nice shot. 🙂

    Hey, ang payat mo sa picture and you look so young. Di bale na nag-add ng weight ngayon may mga cute and healthy babies ka naman. 🙂

  4. you’ll you back to your size before…that’s for sure… great place… joining this week sis.

  5. ganda ng place sis! just like what ate vernz said, im sure you will also get back your body in shape. 🙂 btw, im also joining this week sis.

  6. how to lose some weight is my problem too. i am now taking biguerlai tea.

  7. That is a nice vast green field. 🙂 Sweet couple. You look gorgeous sis.

  8. I love going to farms kapag pumupunta akong province. Napaka-peaceful and nakaka-relax. Btw, ganda ng pic! 🙂

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