GM # 24 – Greener than Green

I am supposed to give you the winner of my recent concluded SM Eco and Gift card giveaway but i did not know that posting a video will take that long.  I have already drawn the winner and I hope you can bear with me for another day to post it.

Honestly, I lost track of time because of my busy routine.  I still don’t have a house help to take care of the kids and I have just finished packing up the things of my kids because we will be bringing them at work tomorrow.  That’s the only option hubby and I had, considering that both of us could not take a leave of absence because of the things we needed to be done.

I am supposed to be sleeping right now but still I have to finished a rush transcript considering that a I promised to give it to the litigant tomorrow.  Oh, my life is completely not in good tune right now.  So, please bear with me if I was not able to give you quality posts this days.  But i promised to be back on track as soon as we are settled again.

I am preparing for something good to my loyal green monday meme participants 🙂

Watch out for green improvements in this blog!!!

Want to grab this badge? Check it out here!

Thank you so much again for sharing your Green Living Ideas. To all the other participants last week.  I will make it up to you!  So sorry.

SM Eco Bag and Gift card Winner
GM # 23 -Green Postcard & Stamps


  1. Hello!
    It’s my first time to join your beautiful meme. thanks for hosting!


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