Growing Your Own Vegetables Can Help You Save Money And Lead An Eco-Friendly Life

There are many benefits with regards to leading an eco-friendly life, the most important of which is the fact that it can help you reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment. In addition, many steps that you can take towards being eco-friendly can also help you save money. It’s the reason we try our hardest to use electricity only when we need to and have double glazing installed to help keep our homes warm. It’s also why an increasing number of people are buying organic food.

vegetable garden

vegetable garden

However, the cost of organic food is usually higher than their counterparts, but there is a way you can eat organic food as well as make a potentially huge saving on your grocery bill – you could grow your own.

Allotments provide an ideal place to grow a wide variety of plant life, but gardens are a suitable habitat for growing many of our favourite vegetables including beans, cauliflower, lettuce, and potatoes. Indeed, some of the most common vegetables found in the UK can be grown right in your garden, and doing so isn’t as difficult as you might assume.

Of course, there are certain challenges inherent with growing vegetables at home such as preventing infection and ensuring healthy growth, but certain organic products can help in a number of ways. Carbon Gold provide organic soil fertiliser to home growers and commercial projects alike, and there are numerous benefits to using such a product to boost your growing capabilities.

Biochar Helps Your Garden Flourish

In its most primitive form, biochar has been used for millennia to help enrich soil and subsequently grow healthy crops, and modern products contain essential nutrients to ensure high yielding plants.

  • Helping your soil to maintain water – Failing to provide your vegetables with enough water will have negative consequences. Biochar alters the nature of soil to help it retain moisture and enhance irrigation.
  • Providing your plants with essential nutrients – This organic soil fertilizer contains mycorrhizal fungi and seaweed to provide your plants with the nutrients they need to grow healthily, including potassium, magnesium, and nitrogen.
  • Increasing plant productivity – Biochar helps promote the growth of seedlings, makes roots stronger, reduces soil acidity and provides a habitat for beneficial microorganisms – all of which help stimulate plant and vegetable growth.

In addition to using an organic soil fertiliser to help your vegetables flourish, you should:

  • Make sure to locate your vegetable patch in the part of your garden that is most exposed to the sun
  • Ensure your soil doesn’t contain any stones
  • Clear weeds and eliminate any molluscs
  • Try not to grow vegetables in the exact same spot for consecutive years
  • Follow rules for planting certain vegetables in terms of the best time to plant

Growing your own vegetables is a great step to take towards becoming self-sufficient and 100 percent eco-friendly. Plus, many people would argue that organic vegetables are both more delicious and healthy. As long as you follow instructions and enrich your soil with biochar, you can expect your garden to flourish.

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