Guides on how to have a kid’s eco-party – Going Green

Here are some steps and guides on how to create an eco-party for your kids;

eco friendly party


Choose your party theme – if you happen to choose eco-party for your kids you can be a great help to our environment ;

  • Send free invitations  (e-cards) online cards are a great alternative invitations
  • Create a Wishlists
  • Support a cause – a birthday for a cause to help our environment would be a great move


  • Buy eco-friendly materials for your kids party – You can throw an Eco-Friendly Party  for your kid in any place and with  theme you would like to achieve ; all you need to do is add an eco friendly touch by choosing eco friendly decorations, tableware and other accessories to match your green living ideas and style.
  • Buy eco-friendly gifts as a give-away.  (There are lots of eco-friendly gifts that you can find in the net or in your nearby mall)
  • Buy eco-friendly supplies-   Use your favorite characters, add an eco friendly twist and turn it in an eco party that your kids would appreciate. Themes related to animals and Nature, sea creatures  or forest adventures are great for green kids parties.


  • Recycle old things that can be used as a party accessories
  • Do a good trash management during the party

Choose an Organic Menu

  • Vegetables and organic foods are always a click.  It’s good for the health and a great help to live an eco-friendly life.

Avoid the bag full of candies and junk that will end up as trash around your house, and will later end in a landfill. Instead, give them something useful or more valuable that goes with your theme.

Stay with decorations in their natural colors, use decorations with no dyes, and follow your theme in other elements such as with Food and sweets. Using edible decorations produces minimum waste and can match any theme of your choice. You can use birthday cupcake wrappers with exquisite designs printed with soy ink on recycled linen paper!  For more party ideas for kids – visit eco friendly party ideas.

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