Happy St. Patrick’s Day- GM # 52

St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated internationally every 17th of March.  He is recognized as the patron saint of Ireland and is characterized by the people wearing green attire.   St. Patrick’s Day was widely celebrated not just by the Irish people but also in some places in Great Britain, United States, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, Japan and South Korea.

Originally the color associated with St. Patrick’s feast is blue but as the years go by, green was more favored and eventually live on up to this day.  People wear green and celebrated by drinking beer. It was very popular and takes place before the first day of Spring thus it was called as the first green of spring.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone from Prosperity Melandria & Goldritz Melandria

 According to the legend, St. Patrick used shamrock (the three leaved plant) to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish  christian people.   The longest running parade was held every year in Montreal, Canada. 

Alphabet Soup

Let me take this opportunity to spread green to everyone.  I’m sharing you this Alphabet soup I just made for Peachy and Ritz.  They always love macaroni soup and this alphabet soup ( macaroni given my Mother-in-law) was an instant hit with the kids.  You can try this for lunch or even snack time.

alphabet soup - here's a better view of the letters

 Or you can also try this buco pandan gelatin.  It’s very easy to make , delicious and nutritious too. May you have a bountiful and hopeful March ahead of us.

Buko pandan gelatin

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  1. Thanks to your post, I have a better understanding of St. Patrick’s Day 🙂 The buko pandan looks yummy, too 🙂

  2. wow, the kids are so cute! what a happy pair. 🙂 i would try that alphabet soup one day. i’m sure my boys would not say no to that. and the green buko pandan is mouth watering. i’m craving on an early Monday morning. 😀

    Linking up my post for Green Monday, sis.

  3. Jessica Cassidy says

    Advance Happy St. Patrick to you too and to your family 🙂 Sis, your kids are adorable, look so cute on their outfit, the alphabet soup looks so cool with those letters and a yummy treat too. Visiting from Green Monday.

  4. super cute! lapit na pala ang St. Patty’s day….:)

  5. The food looks really good. Yummy! My little man would surely enjoy eating the Alphabet Soup. So cute! 🙂 Joining the meme for the first time, mommy. Thanks for letting me know! 🙂

  6. I like the alphabet soup, this is the first time to see this kind of soup. Very nice and looks cute :-). Joining from Green Monday! Happy St. Patrick’s Day.. Wifey Online Diary

  7. wow they are such adorable kids.. i also ate that alphabet soup when i was a kid, but i haven’t try it yet to my son. im sure he’ll love it.. that buko pandan is really yummy perfect for summertime.

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