Have a greener life with Kiehl’s Earth Day Campaign

I am always on the look out of products and company that shares the same passion of helping our environment to be a better and greener world. In my own simple way, i always wanted to help and inspire others to live a more sustainable life and help reduce our carbon footprints.

Kiehl’s, one of the leading cosmetics brand in the market had vowed to make a difference by helping preserve trees and protect wildlife and over their 160 years of service, they were able to help and supported different environmental organizations worldwide.

Among the organization that they have given their support was the “Kapit Bisig para sa Ilog Pasig (KBPIP) which was launched in the year 2009 and this project aims to revive and protect the Pasig River.

In this year’s celebration of Earth Day, to continue the legacy of their creed to help our environment, a limited edition jars for its Cleansing Masque were created along side with well known celebrities/environmentalist such as singer Florence Welch, of the British band Florence & the Machine; actor and progressive advocate Mark Ruffalo; actress and environmentalist Rosario Dawson; and Hollywood power figure Spike Lee.  The ingredients  of the Kiehl’s Limited Edition Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque comes straight from the Earth, including the detoxifying Amazonian White Clay from Brazil’s Amazon River, which helps to unclog pores by removing dirt. The result will be simply amazing,  glowing skin and noticeably smaller pores.  What’s more, I have learned that 100% of the proceed will go to their chosen non-profit organization.

As a part of their campaign, a photo contest was organized to feature and highlight the different ways on how to help and live a greener life.  All you have to do is share the green idea that you like to your facebook friends and afterwards, send a picture of you depending on the environment tip you wanted to use at Kiehl’s  facebook account and send them a note on which product you wanted to receive in case you win.

In connection with this, here are the pictures I sent in support of the campaign.  Procedures on how it was done can be found on the name of each project.

Turn Trash into Treasure

  • According to studies, plastic  bottles or cups takes 450 years to decompose  while a disposable plastic cup takes 80 years.  Plastics that we regularly use takes around 500 years as they say thus recycling them to be used for other purposes would be a great help for our environment.
Here’s our plastic cup turned into a flower pot.  If you think that it was just a simple flower pot, it may look very simple but I have used the coffee grounds that I got from one of the leading coffee shop. (you can read all about it on the next post 🙂

Plastic Flower cup

Our world is full of plastic and even in our city which was trying to minimize the use of plastic and encouraging citizens and stores to use paper bags, it’s really hard for everybody to avoid using them.  So, if in anyway I can use my eco-bag, canvas bag, recycled paper bag, sack bag,  i take the advantage of doing so and it’s always a habit for me to have atleast one eco-bag in my bag whenever i go out, so if in case the need arises that i need to go on shopping or to the market, my plastic usage would be very minimal. (and remember, if you use your eco-bag, you get an extra points on your advantage card )

Me and my Eco-bags

The one i love most is my sunflower bag and it was actually made out of plastic bottle and here’s another way on how you can recycle your soft drink plastic bottles , it’s a good way that you can go green at work too.

Recycled soft drink plastic bottle

You can make a beautiful creation out of your empty soft drink plastic bottle  wherein you can put your clips and other office supplies or just to beautify your office desk.

Join Kiehl’s Manila Earth Day Photo Contest now.  Entries will be accepted until tomorrow, April 29 and oh, did i mention that i so love to have their Rare Earth Pore Cleanser Masque?
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