Having a healthy you after liposuction

Liposuction is not a new word to me. I have heard of Liposuction many years ago but have not really know much about it except that it is something about removing the fat from certain parts of the body. It is only recently that I get to know more about liposuction and have heard of someone who had gone through liposuction.

I will name this person Sally. She is a daughter of one of our distant relative. She is married to a prominent businessman and she follows her husband on his business trips and acts as his personal secretary. Before her marriage, she was an air hostess and she had a beautiful figure. After given birth to a baby, she had put on weight around her arms and thighs. No matter how she diet and exercise, she could not get rid of the excess fat. We saw the change in her figure whenever she visits her parents.


Last year, we heard that she was back home and stayed longer than her usual visits. Later it was revealed to us from her family member that she came home to recuperate from a Liposuction surgery. She stayed for about a month and we only get to see her once in town just before she left.

We could see that her figure was restored to her former slender figure because she was wearing a slim fitting and hugging outfit. She is the perfect model of a successful liposuction surgery and inspired some to sign up for an appointment with the surgeon through Medical Departures. I too was curious and checked out the website to find out more.

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Here is a list of doctors around the world for those who wants to play safe and avoid going to an unscrupulous clinic or doctor. Medical Departures pre-checks their doctors and clinics, as well as providing patient reviews, virtual tours and clinic photos for clients to check before booking and be assured that the liposuction surgery done abroad is handled by qualified and reliable doctors.

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