Healthy Living? Go Organic, Go Green

Healthy living is the new “in” thing nowadays. More and more individuals are becoming aware of the benefits of taking good care of our bodies. Organic and natural food options are becoming a popular staple in our dining tables.

Why is it important to patronize a more organic and natural diet? The answer is quite simple. A natural and organic diet is the cheapest option there is in getting back in shape and staying healthy. Below is a list of a couple more reasons why a natural diet is best for us.

green living, organic products

green living, organic products

1. Natural and organic food are processed with less or almost without any chemicals. The less chemicals present in our food intake, the safer it is for consumption. With many products in the market today, it is sometimes hard to determine what’s good and what’s actually bad for our health.  So, make sure that what you are buying is definitely organic, go organic is something you should think about.

2. They say that organic products are price more higher but double check it since there are organic products that is actually more affordable. Vegetables and fruits are less expensive than meat, poultry and dairy.

3. Natural foods are rich in vitamin and minerals. The more minerals and vitamins our body gets, the stronger we become and the more we are susceptible to diseases which only means that you can save a lot since you will not encounter emergency health problems and possible a long healthy life.

4.  Local organic products are more affordable and sell cheaper than the imported and you can actually promoting your local goods producer too.

Going organic and natural has no negative effects.  That alone is enough reason for individuals to promote, encourage and practice organic living.  So, the next time you visit your supermarket or shop for your grocery, go organic,  make sure to check and read the labels.  Think and buy wisely.  Although there is a difference in prices, it would only be a little sum but look at the huge difference on the benefits you will be getting. 

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  1. I totally agree that by eating natural or organic you feel much better-in the summer months I go to Guatemala for a little over a month to visit my husband’s family. While there, we shop at the local mercados where fresh fruit and veggies are picked that day and are in abundance… on top of losing weight, I felt better, ate fresher, natural food, and it tasted great as well. Not to say that I didnt’ have my McDonald’s fix lol.. but it was one time a week rather than 3-4 times!

  2. Amber Ludwig says

    I completely agree!! I am so sick of the fads that say you don’t have to change anything to be healthy!! People are nuts to believe that!! To be healthy you need to eat healthy!! I wish that organic was cheaper!! Makes me look forward to spring and summer so we can grow some of our own produce and go to farners markets!

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