GM # 20 – Healthy Monday

Start your week with a Green Healthy thoughts and healthy foods.  This is my first time to try Goldilock’s Healthy Tinapay  and I am loving it.

healthy tinapay

What about Soya drink for breakfast.  I love taho in the morning and trying  this makes a difference.

Thank you so much for joining and sharing your Green thoughts and ideas.  As a treat, i have a simple giveaway for all my My Green Living Ideas reader.  It’s so easy to join and open for all blogger and non-blogger too but i’m sad to say that it’s only open for Philippine resident.  Well, i’ll try my best to make a giveaway for our international friends.

Want to grab this badge?  Check it out here!

I hope you can have some time to leave a comment on my post too:

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  1. The soya drink is really healthy, I tried giving it to my toddler. Soya drink is also available in different flavors such as pandan, ube, strawberry, etc.

  2. Happy green monday! I want to invite you to join us on *PicStory Tuesday* 🙂 LG Tina

  3. My first time to join your meme.

    The Goldilocks’ healthtinapay is something I have yet to try… our family always go for their “Egg and Milk” kasi.

  4. i love taho, too…care for strawberry taho at Baguio? saraap!!!
    will go out check other green entries…

  5. Green Home Elements says

    Sis, that’s yummy much.. perfect combo.. 🙂 joining this week 🙂

  6. healthy tinapay and soya drink are perfect for breakfast.. ill check out your giveaway sis..and ill make sure ill join

  7. oh my! vegetable bread?! that’s interesting…yum!

  8. rj's mama says

    joined this week

    please don’t forget to stop by and join Mom-ME time also 🙂

  9. we haven’t tried soya master yet. It looks delicious. thanks for sharing.

  10. it’s really delicious

  11. Goldilocks products are really delicious, now that they are introducing this healthy tinapay to the market, im sure all inhibitions on eating tinapay veggies will be removed..
    visiting you sis!!!

  12. ohhhh Goldilocks has vegetable bread? Interesting. Will check it out tomorrow when we go to SM 😀

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