Help your Family to Live Green

Don’t think that living a greener life along with your whole family is a big pressure. You don’t need to overhaul your overall lifestyle just to set the standard of living a greener life.  Although, it would take a big effort on your part to educate your family especially your children. Living a greener life needs the basic understanding and the routine of achieving a natural way of life with the food you eat, the things you used and the process of living it.

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It takes passion and encouragement to live a more greener life , of course, it is always a choice too.  If you started that choice and begin your way to live it, everything will follow. I know, i’m not a perfect eco-mom ( i don’t know if there is one?) I still have many loopholes, unpractical choices and yes, I still used plastic for my trash, when receiving items from the grocery store and even in the market ( i would not want to be hypocrite for not telling that).  But i always make it sure that I have my eco-bag in my bag so i can used it each time i have the opportunity not to use plastic bags.

Clean Naturally, it’s one good way of spreading awareness with your family.  Natural cleaning agents like baking soda and vinegar are a perfect company for most of your cleaning needs especially those messes and spills.

Recycle –  You have heard or read many things about recycling and yes there are many things you can recycle and when you recycle, your helping not just the environment but yourself too because you don’t need to spend on something new.

Driving less – Walking is a form of exercise and considering walking to your nearby destination not just save fuel but also our carbon footprint and it is indeed a great way to remove the extra fat i have in my body.

An organic way of living.  Although, it’s really hard to find organic products in our place.  If there is an opportunity,  i always grab it and make sure that I commit myself and my family to live a healthy and natural life.

A healthy living begins with the right product and choose of foods.  Eating vegetable and all those nutritious foods not just help your family to live a healthier life but also help them away from any sickness and relative problems of toxic and chemical processed foods.

Committing yourself to live a greener life starts with your choice.  As you go living your daily life.  Don’t forget that it pays to help our environment. This is not just for today but also for the future of our children and our great grand children who will be reaping the benefits of green living we are doing today.

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  1. I guess it’s time to commit our family to becoming green 🙂


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