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Italian Design,  California comfort, that’s what you can get with every Hey Dude shoes .   It’s very light that you could imagine that your not even wearing something since it’s very comfortable unlike other shoes that you feel like you have all the world on your feet.

Combined with ultra light ousole and ultra soft insole , the shoes was uniquely shape and designed to give your foot space and flexibility which gives good posture to the wearer.

Hey dude  shoes  boasted to be the only designed and manufactured to be the lightest shoe on the market, and to provide ultimate comfort to your feet and Hey Dude Wally Steel is a proof.   Created with flex and fold technology, it was made from a durable oxford cloth which enhances a sturdy canvas exterior ,  the look is very competitive and pleasing to the eyes.

hey dude


Just like me, hubby loves shoes ,sometimes he is more hardly to please than I am but he find this shoes not just comfortable but also stylish too and can be used on our next mall hopping or travel and even to paired them with his jeans for a friday look in the office.

hey dude shoes

Although the look is somewhat formal, this shoes is just right for young adult like us. But younger generation should not be upset since they have colorful designs for those who love colors.

Check out Hey Due Shoes Men Collection . Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to learn the latest updates. 

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  1. Sandy Cain says

    These shoes look good to me. They have a very “other-worldy” quality somehow – hard to put into words – but I love them. I think I might splurge on a pair!

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