Holiday Gift Ideas: conserve water

Although the earth composed much water than land, there are certain places on our planet that are actually experiencing water shortage and that is a fact that we can’t deny.

Each day right after we wake up we used water up to the time before going to bed. The most water we used is when we use our bathroom while taking a bath or using the toilet bowl and next is doing our laundry. Time and time can tell that taking a bath using a bathtub uses more water so although i love the idea, i never imagine wasting too much water, so i always prefer taking a bath using a shower head.



Now, with the Niagara’s Earth® Handheld Showerhead i can even save more money on electric and water bill. It’s different from other showerheads that you can buy in the market or  hardware store since you can save money by using up to 20% less water than the traditional one.

Know more about it:

While the Earth® Showerhead ensures drastic water usage reductions, the patented pressure compensating technology still guarantees a powerful, consistent flow rate regardless of available water pressure. The showerhead features a 9-jet adjustable turbo massage that easily rotates from a gentle needle spray to a forceful jet. As the stream is non-aerated, the showerhead experiences less temperature loss — translating to maximum energy savings. Offered in white or chrome plated finish, the corrosion-resistant, high-impact ABS thermoplastic body meets or exceeds ANSI specifications and is guaranteed for 10-years.


It comes in a stainless steel finish which is a perfect compliment in our bathroom. I also like the idea that it is handheld and has three shower head spray settings, needle, massage and combination.

Definitely a nice holiday gift ideas for every mom who wished to minimize their electrical bill and feel good knowing that you are doing your share to minimize water shortage by using products that help the advocacy to conserve water.

So, if you are interested to learn about water and energy conservation, check out for their latest products and get savings too.

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  1. That is pretty cool and I think it would make a great gift for anyone on the gift list. The water conservation is definitely a plus too

  2. This is actually a really great idea. I could definitely use this for the kids. They typically take baths but it makes it more difficult to wash hair and now that they’re older a shower head like this would be really handy.

  3. I so much want a shower head with a handle like this one, plus conserving water is something I need to focus on!

  4. We just finished upgrading our faucets and spigots- saving water is not only Earth friendly, but also a great way to save money. We also use timers to brush our teeth and take showers.

  5. l love gifts that are also beneficial like these are. Our poor Earth needs all the breaks she can get.

  6. I like the idea that there’s a consistent flow regardless of pressure. Sounds like a great shower head to have.

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