Home Climate Control: Innovations in HVAC Thermostats and Control Systems

Energy costs are on the rise despite ‘greener’ options and efficient-minded home and business owners.

Energy companies must invest in infrastructure and resources, and the cost is passed along to users.

However, innovations in the field help owners save money and be smarter about how and when energy is used in the home and business.

Climate Control

Depending on where you live  and time of year, it may be drafty one day and a bit humid the next. Programmable climate control helps owners keep-up with real-time weather and conditions. For example, if family members are away from the home during the day and do not want to wait for comfortable temperatures once home, a thermostat can ‘remember’ the family’s routine, raising or lowering temperatures before they arrive for optimal comfort.

Moreover, owners may adjust the heating and cooling system for later periods. For example, if it is cold in the evening, yet the forecast calls for warmer temperatures in the early hours of the morning, an owner can program the thermostat accordingly to save energy and maintain comfort levels.

Of course, the same conveniences are available to business owners who want to ensure both workers and clients are comfortable while keeping an eye on associated costs.

Remote Access

Even when thermostats and furnaces are programmed, weather conditions and plans change. For example, a family may have planned an early return from vacation and programmed the thermostat accordingly. If plans change, a homeowner can alter the conditions of the home and save energy and costs. The same goes for business owners; perhaps a furnace is programmed to turn on at noon, yet a change of plans forces them to open later in the day. The owner may reprogram the thermostat from a remote location.

Added Functions

Modern thermostats do more than raise and lower temperatures; other devices measure humidity, air quality, and airflow. Moreover, advanced systems segment areas of the home, so a room above the garage can receive more heat than an area with a fireplace. An owner can allocate energy resources to save money. Poor airflow causes owners to use more energy and money, and in worst cases, is an early sign of a failing system. Thermostats catch problems early so issues can be corrected, keeping inhabitants healthy and safe.


What if inhabitants feel cold despite a running furnace? Such a grievance may warrant homeowners of

the past to call upon a service person. Yet, getting services to come to the home takes time in addition to money. However, advanced diagnostic systems can diagnose issues and lessen the need for costly repair visitations. Perhaps all the owner needs is a new filter, which is a quick and relatively cheap fix compared to a visit from a service person.

Keeping green saves the Earth and keeps heating and cooling costs low, yet new technology makes maintaining a household and business even more convenience and safer for inhabitants. Consider investing in advanced systems to save money, raise comfort levels, and live smarter.

Dawn E. Hamilton is a home improvement advisor. She enjoys writing about her experiences improving homes. You can find her posts on many home improvement websites.

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