Home-grown fruit and veg: An interior design innovation

Bored of the same interior-design ideas and decorating tips? If you’re looking to make a feature in your home, and the idea of bold wallpaper or a cast-iron fireplace leaves you feeling anything but inspired, then thinking outside the box could be the best way of creating a unique and interesting design feature.

Growing fruits and veg indoors isn’t for everyone, and you won’t be able to grow all manner of produce inside the house. However, there are a few select options that can add an attractive feature to a room — and provide you with wonderful, fresh cooking ingredients at the same time.

Check out these great ideas to get you growing indoors!

Windowsill herb garden

We admit, growing herbs on the windowsill isn’t exactly innovative or unique. Lots of people have a

few pots dotted along the kitchen window, which come in handy when you’re whipping up a culinary storm!

However, a windowsill garden can be an attractive and unique feature if you make the most of alternatives for the containers. Swap conventional terracotta and metal for something truly original, like this tea tin herb garden — although of course, the choice is up to you.

Citrus trees

Dining in the shade of a citrus tree is usually the stuff of Mediterranean holidays and trips to the south of France; however, that doesn’t have to be the case, if you’re open to growing a lemon or orange tree in your home.

If you’re based somewhere that experiences pleasant summer and unpredictable winters, then this is a viable option for you. When there’s little risk of the weather killing off your tree, you can drag it outside to bask in the sunshine, while it stays warm and cosy in your kitchen, dining room or conservatory during the winter months.

UK readers should take a look at the range of grow your own fruit and veg, which is available to buy online at You Garden. This selection includes citrus trees, although the site’s also a great place to stock up on other supplies like herbs, if you’re going fully green fingered!

Other fruits that grow well indoors, especially in sunny positions like conservatories and sunrooms, are apricots, peaches, grapes and figs. Take a look Reader’s Digest, which includes more ideas for growing fruit indoors, and how to care for different plants.


Lots of people find the prospect of growing tomatoes daunting, especially when previous attempts have been destroyed by bad weather and bouts of frost. That’s why growing tomatoes indoors is much more viable option and more likely to produce edible results.

Species of tomato such as Hundreds and Thousands, and Maskota will grow happily in hanging baskets in a bright, sunny spot. Place your baskets in conservatories or close to windows and you’ll see great results!

Growing your own fruit and veg isn’t always easy or successful. However, providing you follow the advice of your supplier with regards to the care of the plant and create the conditions it needs to flourish, you’ll end up with a unique and original design feature.

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