Home Remedy – Natural Ways to Lighten your Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are produced because of rapid weight gain or pregnancy.  In simple terms it’s the stretching of your body skin that sometimes produces ugly lines across your waist which can be frustrating sometimes.   Although some says that it can’t be removed unless you had a cosmetic surgery , it can be lighten with the use of home remedy treatments or natural ways to lighten those marks.  Although it would not totally removed those marks, lightening them or making them less visible is simply good news,  don’t you think?

Having a baby is one thing every couple would desire, it’s a dream come true and a fruitful blessings on their relationship.  One problem with pregnancy is having stretch marks and even if we don’t want them , many women could not avoid them. I for one could attest to that sad realization.

Reading about it, there are three natural ways that can help minimize or lighten those marks, one is through the use of lightening oil, massage and healing oils.  There are different products that can be found on the market to help lighten stretch marks but of course we wanted to make sure that they are natural or organic.  So, it is always good to make our own but if you have no time to make one, you can always buy organic products from the market or on the net. Just make sure to read the labels.

Lightening oils are Olive Oil and Lemon added with vitamin E can give a fair result of lightening those marks.

organic olive with lemon oil (http://demeterspantry.com/)

  • mix the olive oil and lemon together and gently rub them on the marks area on your waist everyday and you can see a visible result after some uses.

Heal your marks with the use of aloe vera and lemon .  Aloe vera is well known for skin irritations and traditional remedy for burns and abrasions.

aloe vera

aloe vera (image – http://lavishorganics.com)

  • mix aloe vera with lemon, rub them on the affected areas and it was well proven to help the skin reverts to it’s subtle form

Another well known product to lighten stretch marks is cocoa butter , it helps moisten the skin and soften it. Made from cocoa beans , cocoa butter is a well known skin care product that helps moisturize our skin that’s why it’s included in many lotions or creams.  It’s affordable and easy to find.

organic cocoa butter

organic cocoa butter (greenscape)

  • There are many cocoa butter products in the market today,  you can find them in organic stores or eco-friendly store who offers natural products. To use them, put some cocoa butter in the affected area  twice a day and expect great results on continued uses.  You can also leave them overnight for better results.

I have heard from some moms that Sunflower Oil is one good product to help lighten or rid those stretch marks.  Sun flower oil is rich in Vitamins A, D and E and fatty acids, it’s good for the skin as it clearer skin tone and clears blemishes or problem skin.  So, i guess it’s a very good choice to lighten those marks as well.  Blend them with almond, jojoba and chamomile, rosehip seed (which is good for scarring or darken skin)  and you get a better result.

human nature sunflower oil

sunflower oil from human nature

  • Rub the oils on your affected area twice a day.

They say that coffee is not good for pregnant women but little did we know that ground coffee which is good for the plants can also be a great help to lighten those marks of pregnancy.

coffee grounds

  • Combine ground coffee with coconut oil and rub them in your affected area twice a day like an exfoliating scrub and you can see the results after several uses.

With proper care and perseverance, you are on your way to beautiful skin even after your pregnancy, after all we don’t want those ugly stretch marks ruin our beautiful affair with our new born baby.



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