How to Create the Eco-Friendly Kitchen

In recent years there has been a growing awareness of living a green lifestyle, but did you ever stop to think that green living begins in the kitchen? Most of the environmental hazards and waste we are exposed to in the home on a daily basis can be found in the kitchen, so this should be where we begin creating an eco-friendly home. Here are some ideas on making your kitchen environmentally safe and sound for the entire family.

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Shop Green!

From the foods you eat to the cleaning products you buy, the very first thing you should do is buy green. This means organic foods as well as environmentally safe cleaning products. It may cost a bit more to buy organic produce free from GMO and pesticides, but in the long run, it is much cheaper when you take your overall health into consideration. So many illnesses and diseases can be prevented by being aware of what you are ingesting that the savings on doctor and medical bills alone can make that extra expense negligible!

Filter Drinking Water

While so many households purchase bottled water, it makes more sense to go with filtered water whenever possible. Do you have a refrigerator with an ice maker and water tap? Instead of simply hooking it up to tap water known to be filled with all kinds of chemicals and biological contaminants, why not fit it with a smart filter? These are proven to rid your drinking water from a major portion of contaminants from pharmaceuticals to pesticides to microbes you are unaware of. You can easily buy a replacement Smartwater filter for appliances like GE refrigerators, and these help to eliminate many of the toxins you are exposed to daily. Why buy plastic bottles that come with their own set of contaminants when you can simply get clean, fresh filtered water from your energy-efficient refrigerator?

Use Only Highly Rated Energy Star Appliances

One of the major ways to cut down on both the amount of energy you consume as well as the toxins the production of that energy creates would be to use only energy-efficient appliances. From the refrigerator mentioned above to your stove, dishwasher and any countertop appliances, make sure they are rated highly on the Energy Star scale. Not only will there be a noticeable difference in what you are paying for energy monthly but you will be working toward a greener future for planet earth.

If you have never stopped to actually consider how many ways there are to live a green lifestyle by recreating your kitchen, you will be amazed at how a few changes can make a huge difference. Believe it or not, tap water can actually be safer than bottled water with fewer contaminants and little things like using recycled paper towels can have a huge impact on the environment. Most of our waste is found in the kitchen, so maybe you’d consider composting all organic leftovers instead of tossing them in the trash! Live green and live healthily. It all begins in the kitchen.

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