How to Make your Garden more Eco-friendly

As protecting the environment becomes increasingly important to us all, we start to think about how we could adapt our life to make it more eco-friendly. One of the first places you can start is your garden! We thought we would put together some tips as to how you can make your garden better in terms of protecting the environment.

Create a Compost Heap

Organic material and food waste is what we would call compost. It will add much needed nutrients to your soil and prevent organic waste being headed to a landfill. If you gather together some materials such as leaves that are dead, eggshells, whatever leftovers there are for your meals etc and collect enough of it – it should generate its own heat and naturally decompose. By adding some water and regularly turning it over – you will be able to keep it moist.  It’s also good practice to have a little compost bin in your kitchen to remind yourself to collect this kind of thing.

Choose the Right Materials

Choosing the correct materials is essential for your garden. For example, some people ensure that they go for wooden garden sheds which is probably the best that you could go for. You will find lots of these available at Buy Sheds Direct through the following link: which will give you a good start. Their garden sheds aren’t overly expensive either and are a great long-term investment.

Don’t add Chemicals to the Soil

There are lots of alternatives when it comes to your soil. You can make use of natural remedies such as bone meal, fish emulsion, your compost heap and other solutions as opposed to adding lots of chemicals that are potentially harmful to the environment.

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Use Tools that are Environmentally Friendly

Instead of using a gas mower, you can use push mowers, or else electric lawnmowers. There are so many of these around these days, that there’s really no excuse. The same goes for the likes of leaf blowers and weed eaters. You should always try to use electric instead of gas.  These tend to be a pretty cost-effective option too, and you can get then online and most garden stores.

Use Natural Alternatives when Killing Weeds

Weeds can be problematic in any garden, let’s be honest they can make it look unsightly. It’s easy to pour chemicals on them to kill them – but there are other ways to do this, that are less harmful to the environment. Clove oil for example is a great way to burn weeds. You can also try and take preventative measures by using corn gluten for weeds that aren’t quite coming up yet but are on their way.

Plant Some Trees

Planting trees in your garden can be good for many reasons. They improve the air quality in general which is a positive step for the environment and they will also create shade for you when it’s sunny. If you are an animal and nature lover – you will be happy to know that trees also attract animals.  Trees also look great in the autumn and can be a great feature in itself, as well as have benefits to the environment.

Reduce the Waste and Recycle When Possible

There are loads of ways for you to reduce the waste and recycle in your garden.  You can set up your own vegetable patch in your garden if you would like, and you can get recyclable packaging.  You can make use of the things you already have in your garden such as clipping from plants, peelings from vegetables, fencing etc.  Yu can use things such as plastic bottles that you would normally throw away and turn them into watering cans by simply adding a few holes into the lids which you can use to sprinkle on your plants.  

Use Solar Power Lighting

Outdoor lighting is all the rage these days.  It’s a great addition for a more atmospheric garden experience. To make your garden more eco-friendly – you might want to opt for solar power lighting which is becoming increasingly popular.  This means if you are having a barbeque or a garden party, your garden will look great and still be as environmentally friendly as possible.  

If you are on a mission to make sure you play your part in protecting the environment, then your garden is a perfect place to start getting into good habits.  There are lots of things that may not even have crossed your mind that could be potentially harmful – and easy changes that you can make to avoid this. We hope some of our handy tips have helped you out in some way.  

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