I’m a Proud Eco-blogger

I’m proud to be a blogger.  With all the talks about blogger in the net, i realized how important bloggers are.  They are not just source of information but also giving inspiration for others.  Bloggers are making waves in many countries around the world.  They are even talked of the town on news and magazines.

proud eco-mom

There are certain niche in blogging and those who blog about their certain niche was also called that way.  There are fashion bloggers, mommy bloggers, fitness blogger, tech blogger and so on and did you know that there are some that only writes when they are entering contests or giveaways.   I guess, that’s what branding is all about.  If you wish to be known on a certain field, i believe that you also need to really know what your talking about so your readers can actually understands you. Although, I’m not completely a green mom as you may say, in my own way I’m trying my best to live for what I stand for.  Choosing the best and healthy living for my family and making a sustainable difference.

Out of my passion to help mother earth a more greener place to live.  I decided to start this blog and I am very thankful and happy at the same time because i know i have been able to inspire other in my own simple way.

You can collaborate with me:

I’m always open for new collaboration.  Perhaps a sponsored post to maintain this site and to encourage my readers to live a more sustainable life or perhaps by way of products review.  Organic , natural and eco-friendly products is always my choice.  Although it doesn’t come handy and sometimes may cost much higher than the usual products, i still believe that by living a more greener life can help not just my family but also my surroundings and our Mother Earth of course.

If you have question or something that you wished for me to discuss, just send me a note or message .


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  1. Hello! I’ve just discovered your blog from our Meet & Greet Linky … I’m so glad that you linked up because I’m learning a lot as I browse your posts. I, too, started a blog because I wanted to do more to help the earth. I’ve found that there are many people, like us, who are trying our best to live green. I look forward to getting acquainted and reading more of your thoughts. Nice to “meet” you!

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