I’m tearrific and I know it

I’m tearrific and I know it.  Tearrific offers different cold tea drinks or natural fruits shakes.  I have tried one before and today, i have the luxury of indulging myself before working too much again.

Knowing what’s best for your family and buying those who had nutritional values and sure to keep our children safe. Having a green healthy lifestyle means not just getting into the latest trend but also helping our mother earth a better place to live.

I’m Ice terrific

Everyone has their own favorite and i always love coffee  but tea is also a good this drink.  Last time, i tried their green tea now, i have tried this one with  jasmine.  I think, i would surely buy one again.  The nutritional value is very high and just imagine the fact that it was done infront of you for your assurance that whatever they packed gives different happiness.

Green Healthy Living - Natural Herbal Medicine and its benefits
Summer Essentials - Human Nature eco-products


  1. I also love tea 🙂 The tea that my hubby and I are enjoying right now is organic 🙂 Got it from my recent trip to my birth place. Have a great day!

  2. Leona Villa says

    I prefer tea over coffee, iced is best.

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