Ink Improvements – Upgrading the Home Office

Working from home isn’t quite the far-flung dream job that it used to be. With workplace diversity on the rise as well as it becoming easier than ever before to start your own business, more and more people are investing in a home office space to do their work in. Working at home isn’t just restricted to hermits and fantasy writers anymore either – virtual assistants, sales representatives, and even your average run-of-the-mill office workers don’t even have to leave the house anymore to do an honest day’s work.

If you’re working from home, you’ll already have the basics home office equipment set up, but here are some ways you can improve the home office.

Printing Preferences

It’s a commonly held belief that we live in a digital age, but printers are far from a defunct technology. Chances are, you need a printer in your home office. Unless you’re really, really lucky, just picking out any old printer won’t get you the best results, and you’ll be hemorrhaging funds if you’re replacing ink cartridges every other week.

It’s worth putting in a little time and effort to really think about the best type of printer for your home office needs. Are you doing a lot of colour printing, and buying a lot of colour ink cartridges? Using any special kinds of paper? Getting a printer, and ink cartridges, primed for the industry you work in is easier than it sounds, with an abundance of resources available online, so if your printer isn’t perfect, then you definitely should replace it.

Quick Equip

It can be tempting to get the best fancy new chairs and desks and computers, as if the better they are, the better you’ll work. Pricey equipment is not the answer for a home office – often it’s not about the equipment, it’s how you use it. If you’re not pawning the costs off on your boss, then saving money is an important factor in upgrading your home office.

Getting a good chair and a sturdy desk will help you avoid back problems, but you don’t have to go to extremes and fork out for the best of the best. A reliable small table for your printer, complete with a drawer for spare ink cartridges, is usually cheap. Sometimes, the most basic setup is the best option.

Additive Additions

When all else fails, simple things, like wall hooks, cable ties, and blackboards, can drastically improve the efficiency of your home office without costing you an arm and a leg. Even just some special glasses to prevent the digital eye strain that goes along with the abundance of blue light in computer screens can do a world of difference for you in your home office.

While offices have to comply by health and safety regulations, a lot of those practises can fall by the wayside in your own home. Organising all the computer cords, printer cords, and dozens of other electronics is important not just for safety, but for making you feel good about sitting down to work. A messy space you don’t feel happy about is not a good place to work in. Using hooks, ties, and binders to organise not just cords, but documents and stationery too, will make a huge difference to your workspace.

A Glimpse of Green

Sitting inside all day is paradise in theory, especially for hermits, but in practise, even the most indoorsy person will find themselves feeling tired and listless without regular glimpses to the outside world. Getting yourself a nice plant for your home office will improve air quality and decor, so even if you’re not near a window, you can still enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors. Just remember to water it!

So with these upgrades in mind, take another look at your home office. Are you working at peak efficiency and enjoying every second of it? If not, these are some areas in which you can improve.

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