Is Environment-Friendly Drilling Really Possible?

One of the hottest topics up for debate is whether or not such a thing as environment-friendly drilling actually exists. The truth is that huge steps have been taken to make sure that the environment is not only kept safe but that industries continue to create measures to alleviate any harmful effect they may cause.
Here is a look at some ways drilling has gotten more environmentally-friendly.

Advancements in Technology

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Advancements in technology have created new options for drilling that make it better for the environment. Some of these new technological advances include steps taken to cut chemical waste in more efficient work areas and using smaller drilling machines. With companies in various shale areas, such as Eagle Ford Shale, using all the latest in drilling technology, many will find these changes to be extremely environmentally-friendly.

Reduced Emissions

Another way in which drilling has gotten more environment-friendly is that companies have started to use lighter rigs. By using the lightweight rigs, there are fewer emissions. All of this helps to contribute towards better air quality on-site and for the surrounding areas. This positive change on air quality is also beneficial to any nearby ecosystems. The emissions that are released are now monitored and controlled to ensure that they do not have harmful effects on nearby areas.

Less Equipment Usage

Using less equipment is another factor that has contributed to environment-friendly drilling. By using fewer pieces of equipment, there is less energy used. In addition to the reduction of energy usage and carbon footprint, there are also fewer emissions to the air.

Noise Reduction

Reducing the amount of noise coming from drilling sites is another step that shale gas companies have taken to make the fuel extraction process relatively friendlier to nature. While previously, the large amounts of noise from sites were an issue not only for surrounding communities but ecosystems as well. Sites are being more sensitive to the issue have made leaps and bounds in using quieter equipment.

Waste Management

Controlling and managing waste from drilling sites have also been made “greener”. On sites, companies make sure to dispose of wastes in an environmentally-friendly manner and that nothing is left behind to cause damage to the area. Another aspect of waste management that now gets careful attention is the fact that sites are producing less waste. New policies and practices have been made to ensure there is less waste produced.

New Standards

New standards have been made when it comes to drilling sites to push them to make their work areas safer for the environment. Not only do companies have to follow strict rules and guidelines, they have also established their own ethical practices.
With all of these changes taking place, it is safe to say that environment-friendly drilling is possible in most fuel extracting industries today.

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