It’s more fun Blogging in the Philippines- GM # 45

The Philippines has many things to offer, from nature’s gift, to different delicacies,cultures, people that share and care and what’s more fun in the Philippines except from all of this?

What else?  For me, blogging in the Philippines are taking a new height.  Filipino are always passionate when in comes to writing and blogging is a new method wherein you can share your thoughts and the things around you.

blogging is more fun in the Philippines

Blogging is lot of fun.  It takes you into a something new and gives you satisfaction especially if you get a chance to receive an award, a prize or even just a simple hello and good day from your blogger friends.  When I started blogging i never thought that It would come out this way.

If you are new in blogging and don’t know where to start, don’t every worry because there are lots of trainings you can find in the web.  Just surf or ask someone you know  and you will definitely find the answers in your questions and the greatest part on it, is you get a chance to meet some friends. Friends that are true and kind.

Happy Blogging , Continue Living Green! Come and Visit the Philippines because it’s more fun in the Philippines 🙂

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It's more fun in the Philippines


  1. happy blogging too sis!

  2. This is true indeed..Joining today.

  3. Wish you more moolah for the New Year Sis and of course have fun blogging too. Joining Green Monday again for the 2nd time.

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