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When I’m a little bit younger , i love to go around the house barefooted even if my grand mother would always reminds me to put on my slippers.  It’s fun to walk barefooted especially when your in the beach or in the grass with the beauty of nature surrounding you but then there is always the negative side of walking without your shoes especially on surfaces that is clearly not suitable for our body.

That’s when I have learned about Juil footwear. They believe that walking barefooted keeps your body and spirit in balance, it keeps us connected with what matters and that’s the feeling of being near with the earth.

They produce footwear which they tagged – the earth beneath your feet.  Few of us may know that  our Mother Earth  produces natural, bountiful source of electrons, this electrons are needed by our bodies to help keep  balance on our nervous systems and the whole body itself.   Juil footwear uses copper conductors from the outsole through the footbed to connect the wearer directly to the earth. That is something sweet don’t you think?

Juil technology

I have heard about electrons used on accessories like bracelet and rings to help relieve different negative factors such as stress , inflammation and chronic diseases and I never knew until now that it is also used on footwear, so just imagine my excitement when I received my very own Juil Holland shoes  for greener footwear.

It’s like what I imagined, comfortable and truly unique. When you slip  your feet on the clog , you have this mixed emotions , a feeling of oneness to nature and the relief that your body needed. It’s very soft and it comes with a beautiful cover too.

My initial thought is perhaps it’s heavy to walk since I have problems with heavy footwear  but I’m totally wrong because your body will get associated with your footwear and because it’s really soft, it is really comfortable as if your not wearing anything at all. Well, except that my front feet is covered. 

It’s perfect for everyday use, a busy day of grocery shopping or at the office with all the stresses and hard work you needed to face.

The best part of this clog is that,  it doesn’t just help awaken your soles or help you stay active but it also gives a beautiful feeling by bringing the positive energy in your body. No wonder many yoga enthusiasts fancy over their Juil footwear.

You can get your own Juil Footwear by visiting their website.  Follow them on Facebook or Twitter for the newest updates or pin your favorites on  Pinterest. Read their blog to learn how you can take care of your feet.  Ooh do I forget to mention that they are also having a huge 50% off sale for Earth Day?  That’s something you would not want to miss.

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  1. Clogs are comfy to wear just like wedges. I don’t have a pair of clogs tho. They are hard to find na.

  2. I am used to walking in my barefoot as well especially in the seashore. These shoes looks very comfy!

  3. looks like a very comfy and soft footwear. perfect for my problematic heels

  4. that is really an interesting footwear.:) i hope someday they’ll make sneakers too, its more of my style!

  5. jared's mum says

    like you, i always want to go barefoot, even now! 🙂 there is comfort and contentment in it that is just inexplicable, right? 😉

    i have always wanted to have one of those Juil Footwear. I hope i can save enough to get my own pair soon!

  6. great post, we certainly need to do something to preserve mother nature..

  7. Comfort should be the basis when getting a footwear. The design is just a bonus!

  8. wow that sounds very interesting and one of a kind! i’ve never encounter things like this before!! sounds very promising too! I guess its really good for all of us adults!! because it gives those things we need! xx

  9. The footwear’s design looks unusual however based from it I think it’s so comfy to wear. I hope I could get an opportunity to try that too.

  10. md kennedy says

    Sounds repetitive, I know, but I am a barefoot girl as well! However, I do so love those clogs – I could wear them anywhere!

  11. I really want to try their footwear. I am eyeing at one of their collection and I want to give it to my hubs. They look so durable.

  12. I was going to get this one but then I remember my cracked feet lol.

  13. the design is simply beautiful. it will be perfect in any outfit.

  14. I will try to check out this brand in our nearby big stores. I hope they have so I can try it if will look good on my big foot. 🙂

  15. that sandal looks comfy indeed! I have the brio one, and I can attest how comfortable juil sandals are.

  16. Looks like a very sturdy shoes. I have clogs before and it sure is comfy to wear.

  17. I want juil’s sandal the one in particular will check them out again i might get something good 😉

  18. Jessica Cassidy says

    The shoes is sos soft and so comfortable to wear. I love the material too. I might try to putch this company 🙂

  19. They look sort of like clogs, but I don’t think that’s what it’s called nowadays. 😛

    I love shoes and given a chance, I’d definitely try these out. 😀

  20. I want a pair of their footwear too. They look comfortable indeed. Heard a lot of good things about their products. 🙂 I too love being barefooted, mommy. I am not going to lie I still like to walk around the house and in our yard barefooted. LOL!

  21. Designed for indoor & outdoor activity, It looks comfy too!

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