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The essential KEEN fit and protection lightened up to make every step a natural connection. The Sagewood CNX is a low profile, multi-terrain outdoor shoe for little adventurers. The lightweight midsole allows little feet to move naturally. Multi-directional flex grooves on the sole enable more natural motion, and an integrated, contoured arch and metatarsal ridge provide underfoot support for all day fun and adventure. The Sagewood CNX features an open mesh upper and is designed for little ladies.

KEEN footwear are designed with play in mind.  This new technology era has made many changes to our daily lives and that’s include the way children view their playtime.  Before, we used to play on the street, running  wildly until we are out of breath.  Football , ball games, biking,  skating or just simply going out enjoying a good time.  My grand mother would even told me that the street is my second home.  

Now that kind of play is becoming less frequent as children ventures on new gadgets, tablets, wII console, television, cellphone and computer games those are the things that little kids like to play this days.

Created especially for the foot of our little ones.  KEEN cnx is very lightweight and comfortable yet   you can assure that your kids is getting the needed protection their feet needed.

I’m happy that there are some company like KEEN who believes that childhood should be spent with happy and beautiful memories of interacting with other kids. Although we are on a new era of technology, I always believe that social interaction is a part of growing up.

And spending time playing this kind of sports not only help our social and mental abilities but also help our kids become healthy.

I always want my kids to experience that same feeling , that’s why when we have the chance, we also go on hiking and exposed her with the beauty of the environment and this shoes is a perfect company for that long walk.

On the other side,  I so love the stylish design of this Keen Sagewood Cnx.   It perfectly fits and the design was breathable giving the comfort my little princess so deserved. We can’t wait to go on a summer trip.

For your little kids footwear needs, don’t forget to visit Planet,  online shop wherein you can find the best sustainable and green shoes. They carry different brands that commits on eco-conscious.  Keen happens to be included on their long lists of those eco-frinedly shoes brand.

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  1. Sandy Cain says

    Wow, these look so comfortable! I bet you could hike for miles with no problem!

  2. … the only shoes i’ll buy for myself! <3 keen

  3. lovely shoes! i love how they designed it and nice to know that they have for kids too!

  4. Children are active individuals and their feet is still developing, it’s a good thing that Keen takes that into consideration.

  5. Cool! I wish shoes were as nice as these when I was younger. Hahaha. And I like the turquoise color! Looks very refreshing 😀

  6. Robin Wilson says

    Love these shoes! I wish they came in my size too. Kids are so active it is important that they have good footwear!

  7. Have had a pair of Keens for about 8 years now, functional, good looking, and best of all, durable

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