Keeping Fit for the Holiday and a thankful note to live by

Sometimes when I sit down in front of my computer and trying to write a post for my readers, I wanted to be happy and at peace so that the tone of my post will be positive and happy but days are not always fine and you would agree with me that there are days that we are just lazy and stressed out.

Last week was not so good to me.  Although, it was not as appalling as the week before it, my mind is still juggling with so many things with house and work.  This post has been in my draft for days but my mind is too pre-occupied that even though my heart wanted to finish it, my hands are just so overworked.

It’s the same story about me working out, i have started getting some exercise and working out lately to find my jive again, i still need a lot of encouragement to push through it.

On the other hand, since it’s the season of giving thanks for all the things that we have in our life, I’m extra thankful for all the things that happened in my life.  For all the painful things, i have learned perseverance and patience and for all the wonderful things around me, i have learned the true value of happiness and gratitude.

capri yoga pants

Speaking about gratitude, I got this pretty capri pants from Onzie, it’s a perfect piece of workout apparel for my yoga and aerobics routine. Honestly, i never owned something as colorful like this before.  I used to have those one or two colored capri and legging pants with boring colors.  But since you know me, i love colorful designs with mixtures of colors thus having this means extra special to me and makes me want to get my yoga mat and start my routine immediately.

The capri pants is a great fit since it’s stretch, it would perfectly fit on your body  and comfortable too and yes, the best part is that it was made in the U.S.A making it more eco-friendly since they are practicing things that help minimize their carbon footprint. If you don’t know what impact it can do to our environment, you can always go browse my post about how you can reduce carbon footprints. This will be a great time to get fit for the holiday and always.

Competitively priced, onzie products will surely delight every yoga enthusiast. Follow them on instagram to learn more updates.

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