Keeping Mosquitoes Off with PARA’KITO natural repellent

Mosquitoes are one of the most common enemies that we all have for your children as well as for ourselves. With the several disease brought by this insect, a parent could not help but worry about their children as they enjoy the outdoors, go to school or even while they stay at home. As much as we would want to protect our children from mosquito bites, we cannot always be there to look after their safety.

This is why it is important for kids to have mosquito repellents at home and most especially on the go.

The global leader in mosquito protection, PARA’KITO offers a variety of natural and wearable repellent products. Wristbands and clips come in a variety of colors and designs, as well as a refillable pellet, so no harmful sprays are necessary!  PARA’KITO offers several mosquito repellent products perfect for your kids and even you, no matter  how busy you are.

para'kito natural mosquito repellent

Protection Roll-On Gels

Kids may not enjoy being applied with lotion especially if they spend a lot of time outdoors. A perfect option would be roll-on gels that are cool on the skin and non-sticky as well, helping your kids feel fresh even after spending so many hours under the sun. Parents can now relax a little and do household chores without worrying about their kids playing outdoors.

Refillable Mosquito Protection Bands

Kids and adults alike can wear these bands comfortably and stylishly inside and outdoors. Kids can wear this at school as well. The cool thing about this band is that it is refillable so it can really be a staple accessory you, your kids and the whole family can wear around anywhere at any time of the day.  Once opened the pellets can last for 15 days which gives you a safe mind during that time and most of all, they are priced reasonably which means you doesn’t need to break your budget to stay protected.

para'kito mosquito repellent

Black Clips

Be extra cautious in protecting your kids by attaching mosquito repelling clips onto their bags. You never know how adventurous your kids can get especially during camping and hiking. It is best to keep the worries at bay by adding a few protective gadgets onto your kids’ personal items.

natural mosquito repellent

Save yourself from worries and keep your kids and family away from dengue, malaria and other diseases with mosquito repelling accessories and gadgets from Para’ and what countries you can find them.

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  1. Okay I so need this. Both my kids and I become a mosquito’s favorite meal when the hot weather hits. This product might be perfect for us

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