Large Retailers Embrace Solar Power

Even the most technologically challenged businesses have come to embrace the power of solar. Solar power is especially advantageous for large retailers. Walmart stores, for example, saw the opportunity back in 2007. With their frugal business approach, they’re now one of the leading retailers in America whose warehouses operate on solar power. Switching to solar not only saves money for such a huge company as Walmart, it saves our environment and their customers’ money as well. In 2013, Walmart already had over three hundred renewable energy systems in operation. Presently, Walmart pledges to double the numbers of their clean energy projects both in US and in Puerto Rico.

Another retail behemoth that saw a great opportunity to switch to solar is Aldi Foods. Last year the company set up a new clean distribution center in UK, in part powered by solar panels. The company also realizes that their stores consume the most amount of energy, so the company is now focused on reducing their energy consumption and switching to green sources. Aldi has been working with architects and planners to make all of their buildings green. Aldi is also aware of the dangers refrigeration gases pose to the safety of our environment, and the company is working on using a less harmful gas as well as closely monitoring the refrigeration systems and their disposal. And latest news, Aldi Food has invested over two million Euros in electric car charging stations across Germany.

Now, with the great examples set by the leaders in a retail industry that uses a lot of energy, and the technology that the PV industry has available now to monitor the deposition rate during solar cell production, more and more companies must realize the need to switch to solar and reduce their carbon footprint.
Kroger, the largest supermarket chain in the U.S., has reduced their energy consumption by 35% last year by using energy saving equipment, however, the company has not yet widely adopted solar panels. Only four stores use about four hundred kilowatts of solar energy.

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