Leafy Green Monday- Benefits of Organic Lettuce

Leafy Monday

Monday is a beautiful day to celebrate a wonderful week ahead of us and did you know about the advocacy of  leafy green monday or luntiang lunes.  I guess, if your a follower of this blog, you have encountered several times about this advocacy.  Some called this as meatless monday or meat free monday but whatever it was called, it still goes with one aim, eating vegetables on monday.

Lettuce, a part of the sunflower family is a good source of vitamin C and widely known to be the main ingredients of salad.  For those like me whose into diet and suffering insomnia,  lettuce can be a great cure  because it contains sleep inducing substance which is  called “lectucarium”.  It’s low in calorie because of its high water volume. The benefits of organic lettuce are many to mention.

Lettuce has different form, romaine which is good for caesar salad, leaf which is just like the above picture and the wide known iceberg or crisphead.

What’s good with the lettuce i just recently consumed is its organic and we all know that organic foods are more richer in nutrients and safety for our health.

organic lettuce

There is only one risk on eating lettuce,  if contaminated it can be a source of e coli and salmonella that’s why proper handling and caring is needed to avoid the same.

go organic

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  1. This reminds me of Baguio which for me has the freshest and crispiest lettuce. These days, we get our dose of lettuce from Tagaytay. Lettuce really goes well with salad dressing. Yum! 🙂


  2. Seeing your post makes me want to have a garden where I can plant such! So green, must be crispy too!

  3. My dad use to plant lettuce but the problem is no one buys it. The people or sellers in the market doesnt know it. They are more prone to buy and sell pechay an cabbage. We ended up eating all our harvests haha

  4. We sure love lettuce in this family and we like to grow them in our yard. My entry will be late. 🙂

  5. I always prefer romaine lettuce when it comes to salad. I like them because of their pale taste. Lettuce is absolutely the best food if you looking for green food and for those who are looking for their calories intake.

  6. Jessica Cassidy says

    I use lettuce to make salad for my family, use it also with the hamburger and sometimes I mix it with my soup or noodles 🙂 Lettuce is healthy to eat 🙂

  7. i love lettuce and its good for you!

  8. i love lettuce even though I am not a lettuce eater when I was in Philippines. I grow them in m garden too. 😀

  9. Wow ganda ng lettuce sarap…Mas maganda talaga ang organic…Sasali pala ako sa green Monday…

  10. i have to admit that i rarely eat greens before but when i got here in United States, i learned to appreciate greens especially lettuce. They’re good especially in the burgers hehehhee and of course salads

  11. First time I heard that lettuce can cure insomnia, now I know 🙂

    And yes, proper handling, not just in lettuce but all food, is very important to be safe from contamination. that’s the reason why I don’t buy packed lettuce since they are already torn to bite-sized pcs. I still prefer to wash all food that we consume in the house.

  12. Lettuce is my favorite vegetable together with Baguio beans. I hven’t tried the organic lettuce though. Thanks for sharing the info about lettuce.

  13. I like green things so absolutely love this post. Lettuces are very healthy and it’s one of my favorites. 🙂

  14. My lil girl enjoy eating that veges she pair it with her favorite salad dressing… RANCH! hehee

  15. I eat lettuce as breakfast, lunch and even dinner and noticed a great change on my tummy 🙂

    now this post reminds me, I have run out of this green leaves 🙂

  16. that is a very interesting advocacy. i would love to try it for myself, but my roommates im afraid might not like it. =D

  17. I love lettuce in my salad. Thanks for reminding us about Meatless Monday as well 🙂 It is good for us to eat more vegetables really than meat.

  18. lettuce is one of my absolute faves + it has been ages since i had some. need to visit the grocers so that i can prep one mean salad of my own! 😉

    will be back with my green entry, mars!

  19. This is my first visit and thanks for the observations on advocacy. going organic will save the planet. Good has created nature of us. but we love destroying the nature

  20. I definitely need to get more greens into my diet. Thanks for stopping by http://www.craftygardenmama.com for Tuesday Greens this week!

  21. Bobby Tarumi says

    It’s a shame organic vegetables are typically more expensive. Hopefully one day our governments will put funds towards the healthier things so they can be more accessible to all of us.


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