Legazpi Albay – Taking the Green Initiative

You must have heard about the strict ordinance of Las Pinas to live a more plastic friendlier place (many people and merchants are diligently not using plastic).  I guess many cities are already implementing that green idea but the question is, do the merchants really abide on this.   I have asked one of our official here in our place about the possible ordinance of not using plastic and he told me that there is already an ordinance to that effect and that there is a two year grace period for this ordinance to be fully implemented.

But as of now, i haven’t seen any progress yet. So, perhaps, the government is not yet fully given the facts to the people.    Legazpi on other hand has been observing this new ordinance and many merchants( i guess more of the majority) have been using recycled paper or plastic that passed the criteria.

With this new campaign of Albay, this only prove that many cities in the Philippines are getting more aware on our society’s green problems.

My darling Peachy – Kids going green

I do hope that many other cities here in our country will be able to fully comprehend the benefits of going green and they will be able to come up with a solution that will benefits our earth on the near future.  Kids going green are not just a trend, it is needed to create awareness that even they are still young, they will be able to know the consequences and benefits of living a more greener life.

So, the next time you go to the supermarket or your favorite grocery, you can just leave your plastic behind and bring your eco-bag.

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  1. It has been monitoring and many new suppliers have been using that document and requirements that goes the analyze.

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