Let’s Fight Dengue – Green Monday #26

Ooh, don’t think I’m late.  I have made a very long post regarding the topic but then suddenly I don’t know what happened and the post I have made was all blank , silly me, I forgot to hit the save draft. I guess, that’s very unlucky of me and I have to re-write all of it again.  I’m so sleepy and I thought on doing it tomorrow but i guess the momentum will be gone from my thoughts and even i’m a little bit irritated on what happened, I really wanted to give my share regarding this topic.

With all the Dengue outbreak spreading all over the news, I could not help but to be paranoid about it and make precautions to avoid this deadly mosquitoes.  Many had already died, babies and adult alike because of this life threatening insect and many are still at risk and battling their way to get better.  Each year, victims are growing and too sad to say that there is no vaccine that can help to prevent it and the only way we can battle this deadly mosquitoes is by way of prevention and that is to have a clean surroundings.

But first of all, let us know the background of this so called dengue fever.

       Dengue fever is caused by the deadly dengue virus( as per Mr. Wiki) It includes head-ache, muscle pains and the very relevant symptom is the rashes that will appear on your body. Dengue was causes by mosquitoes especially the species of A. aegypti. It has four different types, one gives a life long immunity over the disease but then there is still no guarantee over the idea of that because I know some people were even had dengue twice or three times.

Clean surroundings is still the best proven way to avoid dengue but there are still some ways to help you along the way;

  • Clean surroundings where stagnant water can be seen or filled.  Dengue carrying mosquitoes like those places especially gutter, old tires, empty open containers.
  • I know this is additional expenses but do invest on having a screen window and door , this can help you avoid those mosquitoes coming to your house.
  • Let your children wear pajamas when going to places where mosquitoes are likely to stay, like the parks or river banks and yes I have heard that one of the main sources of dengue problems comes from schools that is why make sure to apply eco-friendly insect repellent to your kids.

Citronella bug spray from Human Heart Nature

   One good eco-friendly product is Human Heart Nature’s Citronella bug spray.
[box type=”info”] There are many natural remedies that one can make but before trying them especially to your children, make sure that you know what you are doing and read  instructions. Sometimes those home made remedies can have a far greater risks than buying those over the counter mosquito repellent. [/box]
Here are some plants that are well known mosquitoes repellent too.  Having them in your house would be a great and eco-friendly way to help  our mother earth rather than using insecticides that is very harmful in our health and can give a bad effect on our environment.  Some of them can be found on our favorite dishes and oils to help us relax.(There are many on the list but I only choose those that i know )
  • Lavender – I so love the scent of it and it’s always my choice to use in my comfort room to make me relax but little i know that it’s a great plant that can be used to repel those little pest.
  • Lemon Grass – We all know it on it’s local name as Tanglad and it’s really good for your dishes but did you know that it’s also as good on being a mosquito repellent.
  • Peppermint – it’s one of my favorite flavor in tea.
  • Rosemary – I did not know that rosemary is also mosquitoes repellent plant but I guess if you had it in your home your chicken dishes would be awesome.  I so love using them.
  • Basil –  it is also a good kitchen companion and i guess mosquitoes repellent too. And not but not the least this ,
  • Pitcher Plant – (this is really a funny looking plant,  ooh i know what your thinking) its actually carnivorous and is very appropriate in a sunny country like ours.

let’s fight dengue.

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  1. Nice plant. I´ve never seen such 🙂

  2. oh,my! uso talaga sa pinas ang dengue ano?! kawawa kasi yung naapektuhan…lalo na yung mga bata…great information about the repellent sis….:0

  3. The photos are not visible. I hope everyone in Pinas is spared of dengue, this is a terrible disease.

    Bitter Melon

  4. I’m glad to find this refreshing page…Occasions of Joy led me to you. Thanks for sharing about dengue…my sons were dengue victims in the past.

  5. Hi

    I’m a doctor from Vellore, India. Nicely written post and your blog is an inspiration 🙂
    Kudos for your enthusiasm for environment and thanks for sharing.

    Dengue is a bad disease and I have seen many children suffer from it here in Vellore and few even succumb without treatment. Seeing its a preventable disease (in a sense, I mean by eliminating mosquitoes), it brings great sadness seeing those kids suffer, especially when I had to go every morning to take their blood for serial monitoring as well..


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