LG Eco-friendly appliances

LG is one of the innovative company that offers eco-friendly appliances. Promoting “greenizing customers kitchen through their newest innovation such as Linear compressor and Light Wave Technology.  Their company is committed to promote greener way of living introducing their latest innovation of Direct Drive, Light Wave technology and the Kompressor , technologies that makes efficient products providing savings in your space and less energy usage.

LG microwave oven

LG microwave oven– is a speed cook by light oven.  This oven cooks faster than the conventional oven you have in your house.  It also features a faster re-heat and defrost of your food and what’s the good thing about this product, it’s eco-friendly because of its patented technology that ensure  faster and healthier cooking.

Led- lcd monitor-w2486L

LG’s W86 Brings Slim, Eco-friendly Luxury to the Desktop – W86 is incredibly slim with 20.5 mm, one third slimmer than most CCFL-backlit monitors. A new feature called “Auto Bright” can help you adjust the monitor’s brightness resulting in a much better picture but still saves energy in the same time.  This is available in 22 inches.

and this one is my favorite :


The world’s first 3G Watch Phone –  This watch phone has a full touch screen, built in speaker, voice recognition , bluetooth, play music , take photos, can be your diary or scheduler.  What’s good about this phone is you can able to receive video and voice call.  You can use the loud speaker or it’s included bluetooth handset and you don’t need to worry because this is scratch resistant and tempered glass.

There are still many products that they catered and offered eco-friendly technology.



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