Life is what we make of it

Happy 2019 to all my readers.  It’s been another year and I have been out and about.  I miss my weekly or even monthly contents and I have been out of the blogging circulation for a while.  This would take a while until I have to finish my priorities and even though I have not been updating this site lately,  I am still very grateful for your continued patronage and reading.  I really miss my interaction with my readers and I do miss sharing things that can help our environment or lessening your carbon footprints but even though i have been out lately, I am not slacking around and doing nothing.

Last year may not be a very fruitful year with my life but it is as less fortunate as the other year that goes by. My life has been going into some changes and I know it will be for the benefit of not just my future but our family too. In that way, i can also be able to help and influence people and I just can’t wait to share with you that good news.  You bet, i will definitely share it with you all, in time.

So, what have you been doing lately?  I am curious too. Have you been doing the best to help save our environment?

This year, my new years resolution is ” no buy year”.  What does it mean, i will spend less and save more not just in money but also in my way of living. I spend less on things that are less in value and i only buy what is necessary and needed which I think can be very helpful not just in our finances but also to save space in our home. I am not trying to be minimalist but a little more of a wise buyer.

I also do a lot of walking this days, not to save money but to help my body get into shape again since I have been indulging too much on eating. (LOL) I think, life is what we make of it. We must enjoy doing what we think is best not just for ourselves or our family but also for other people around us. We must always be mindful of the fact that we need to take care of our body and mind before we can take care of others.

So, that’s all for now.  If you have questions or query do  not hesitate to ask, i will definitely make time to squeeze that in my busy schedule.  Happy Green Living to all.


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