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You might have heard beauty boxes, fashion boxes, those food subscription boxes but i rarely got a chance to hear kid’s toys subscription and for a mother who prefers eco-friendly products it’s a great news to learn about the Little Pnuts.

With their mission at hand and a big hope  to get children back into imagination, creativity and play.  Melissa, the brain behind this brand wanted children to find accomplishment in playtime again and with the right tools, families will get together again and leave behind the modern technology and engaged with one another creating a bond that they can treasure for a long time.

With partner brands like glob, green toys, little sapling toys, Trudi, Wee Gallery , Hape, Tegu, Haba, and among other awesome toys brand,  your kids will surely love this products. Checking out the different brands,  i have found out that some of them are even European brands and one that even originated in Hongkong. Now, we don’t have to search the world to find the best green toys because Little Pnuts have done that tedious job for all the moms.  Bringing the highest quality toys Little Pnuts is definitely a subscription you would not missed.

What I love most about the idea is that they have Infant to Pre-school special delivery that features around 3 to 5 toys in every box.  So, each box is specifically picked to meet your kids needs depends on their age and even some of them can be used from infant to their toddler years.

Each delivery also include a newsletter featuring descriptions of the product, helpful expert advice, playtime suggestions, brand information and a way to provide feedback .

On our box, “Toddler Special Delivery – 2 years old “, we got these pieces of beautiful and awesome toys. You know how excited I was to get a chance to have them, so just imagine the excitement of my little boy when he sees them.

Included in the box are;

Tomcat Paul by Haba 

Twist and Turnables by Hape Toys

Rattling Shaker by Haba

Vehicle Chunky Puzzle by Janod

all at $14.99 each.  Imagine the savings you got since the subscription is only $25 monthly payment and has four (4) quarterly special delivery, March, June , September and December or you can also opt to choose to pay one time annual fee of $240, all of which with free shipping  and what more lovely is the thought that all this products are eco-friendly toys.

pnuts 2

Since each boxes includes toys that fit his age, this would definitely help my boy on learning while he was playing.  I always believe that learning and playing goes together and with guidance from us and right toys they would definitely had a good memory of their childhood.

pnuts 4

Learn more about Little Pnuts today and Follow them on Facebook  and Twitter  to learn more updates.

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  1. this box is awesome. i will check them out.

  2. Those are nice things for the little ones!

  3. Great stuff. How neat that is, it’s a beauty box but toys are included. It’s not only for moms but kids can enjoy it too

  4. These toys are great for children’s supplementary learning and can surely excites them to play.

  5. Great things for kids

  6. alena svetelska says

    wow would love to buy one…love it what great idea to get for kids and keep them occupied;-)

  7. Peggy Greco says

    I think these toys are awesome for kids;thanks for post.

  8. These are cute and helpful products for the Prince 🙂 It helps with hand coordination which is very important. What a perfect toys to play and learn as well 🙂

  9. Wow my son would totally love all of this!

  10. Dorothy Teel says

    These are cute boxes Little Pnuts – Eco Friendly Toys for your Kids, which is a montly subscription box fo ryoung children. The box you got is very nice, a little to young for my granddaughter, but a nice set. Good review. Thank you


  12. Darlene Jones-Nelson says

    I love that these toys are eco friendly and not only that they seem to last longer.With multiple kids lasting longer is a plus.

  13. Cara Daymude says

    I like the Vehicle puzzle.

  14. I love the box and will have to go check the site out. My grand kids would love this stuff. thanks for the post!

  15. Kelly Powell says

    Thank you for sharing!

  16. jose benavides says

    green toys are the best cause u know you got something safe that saves the earth

  17. Lyndi Malarchuk says

    I have very mixed feelings about “green toys”. I have gotten toys that look like they’re made from recycled paper and hemp and fall apart the first time my kids lay a hand on them. I have also gotten toys that are extremely well-made, heirloom quality, and stand up to years of play. These featured toys look like they are of the latter persuasion, well-made, quality toys that also happen to be eco friendly. Definitely a winner! Thanks!

  18. Elizabeth Gentry says

    I love the idea of giving children toys that are creative to play with instead of just noisy electronic gadgets. The best part is you get to save a little money buying them this way. Sounds like a win win to me 🙂

  19. I think this is a good idea and what a great monthly “present” for kids!

  20. Krista Grandstaff says

    I love how they have adorable boxes for wee ones, that they can play with and not “play for them” 🙂

  21. Mya Murphy says

    I don’t have any children and could never have any, so this wouldn’t help me at all. I will pass along to those with children.

  22. This is exactly what I told my David we needed for our kids! Eco-friendly toys!!! <3

  23. Awww….I want some for my daughter. 🙂

  24. Judith Smith says

    Would love to see more toys come in recycled pacakaging.

  25. Marie Butler says

    I have not heard of these brands and I will be checking them out for my daughter! Thanks

  26. John Hutchens says

    it is nice they make such entertaining items for the little one

  27. stacy hancock says

    i like this idea a lot more than food boxes- this stuff will last longer and be more useful! Super into ‘green’ toys, too. we have very little plastic

  28. Richard Hicks says

    Great toys for the kids. Love the simplicity and they look durable too

  29. Green for kids? Awesome!

  30. Sophia R says

    My baby girl would love these!

  31. michelle elizondo says

    teach the kids when young and i bet its safer for them too

  32. love the toys,would be great to help kids learn.

  33. michelle oakley warner says

    great review, these are some awesome toys and they look amazingly strong and sturdy, my kids would like these a lot, ver cool thanks a bunch for dharing

  34. Nelda Gay says

    These toys appear to be very nice quality and ECO friendly is the BEST! Thank you for the blog an information. This is how we all learn about companies and what they offer.

  35. Robin Wilson says

    These are really cute toys! Anything that keeps me from having to go out shopping is an added bonus. Would make a great gift too!

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