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Living a healthy life is what we always wanted. Maybe you have heard many articles, blogs, and even hear in the news. It seems everywhere you look there is some mention of going green and living a greener life.

Many of us are getting conscious of preserving our environment and others are trying their best to go green not just monthly or weekly basis but also from day to day basis. Some even chose to be a vegan,  living their life on eating vegetables only.

A fellow blogger requested to make a buzz about this newest green food chain in the metro, So, to say, considering that I will be visiting Manila, i thought, why not try it for myself.  So, there you go, i purposely visited the new PGH Faculty- Medical Bldg to give this new dish a try and of course to satisfy my curiosity and craving.

Impressca Salad2Go  wants to give not just nutritious and delicious foods but also aims to encourage people to live a greener life through eating fresh, green foods.  They offer, load all you can vegetable salad that will truly entice your appetite. They have friendly staff that will accommodate your questions, so i have to asked and try their best, the lady suggested to me, to try their tuna pasta.  So basically, this is just spaghetti, tuna in white sauce and probably some spice.

The taste, well, just to answer your curiosity,it taste like tuna, LOL.  No, kidding aside, the taste is great and very affordable if I may say.  The only thought I have here, considering that their place is something , on the go, the pasta and the sauce were all prepared already and it will only be heated on the oven.

On another thought, this is good for busy people who always value their time and for those who are always on the go.  Just grab your favorite salad and you can eat it on the bus or on your car.


impressca, healthy tuna pasta

 Upon your first purchase a green card will be given to you, this can be used as a discount card on your next visit. What makes them more greener,  is the fact that in every Php. 200.00 foods you buy, a tree will be planted.

Would I buy again, I wish i could but considering their stalls are just located in Manila, too sad for me but in my next visit to Manila, I will definitely take my time to visit one of their growing branches.  Ooh, before I forgot, they also offer franchising.  If i will win the Lotto tomorrow, i will definitely give this one a try.  A delicious , nutritious foods that cares for the environment, what would you asked for? This is just one green living ideas that you should not missed.


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  1. wow, super healthy naman!

  2. hmmm, that looks delicious and healthy. will try this one of these days. My first time on Green Monday!

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