Lower Your Rubbish Clearance By Buying Used Clothes

“Fast fashion” has become the norm in our society. People buy cheap clothing, wear it less than a year, sometimes only once, and then bin it in their rubbish clearance. Then they turn around and buy more cheap clothing to replace it. According to Waste Management World, 680 million pieces of clothing were put in the rubbish clearance last spring (2017) in the UK alone. What’s even worse is the fact that at least 235 million of these clothing items ended up in a landfill!

For the human race to survive, without leaving our beautiful Planet Earth, we simply MUST break this very bad habit of “fast fashion.” One of the best ways to do this, and quit putting so many clothes in your rubbish clearance, you can get in the habit of buying used clothes, or better yet, finding FREE clothes or bartering for clothes! Below, you will find several places to buy used clothing for a low price or actually get it for free.


Gumtree is the “go to” place for finding used clothing and accessories in the London area, with some coverage outside of London too. From sweatshirts to wedding gowns, you’ll find a wide variety to choose from. Here were some of our finds: hand crafted traditional Indian dress, Canada goose jacket, Stone Island men’s jumper, Gucci bags, and Armani jeans. Even if you don’t live in London, if you make a trip to London on occasion, it might behoove you to check Gumtree for unique and high quality clothing when you go.

When Michael Pennington and Simon Crookall first set up the Gum Tree site in 2000, their target audience were Aussies, South Africans, and Kiwis relocating to the London area. However, the users of Gum Tree have grown to include just about everyone. In fact, now thirteen years later, Gumtree is considered the number one classifieds website in the UK!

My Skip

This is a fun concept for virtual rubbish clearance that will ensure 100% reuse! Every user of My Skip is given the option of loading a “virtual” skip with stuff for the taking. While there seems to be more furniture and household items than clothing, there’s a search feature to help you look for particular items or search for virtual skips in a certain area of the UK.

In most cases, the stuff offered is absolute free if you can pick it up and haul it away on your own. You can also put up a request. For example, one woman put a request out for two year old girls’ clothes.

Free Cycle

Freecycle is of course the original online site dedicated to letting people post stuff they wanted to give away for free. The best feature of Freecycle is the fact you can find your very specific neighborhood or region, bookmark that webpage, and then check back frequently. This makes for a great diversion in the middle of a work day! Freecycle also has a large database of users so you’re almost sure to find some used clothing that will appeal to you being given away in your geographic area.


Freegle is a splinter group from FreeCycle, based in the UK. Their motto is, “Don’t throw it away, give it away!” It’s fun to just pick an area and then scroll down through the listing, like you were walking the isles at a big resale shop. This seems to be a great place to get clothes, toys, and other items for kids. While Freegle still doesn’t have as many users as Freecycle, it is UK centric. You can find even more if you use both Freecycle and Freegle.


This is the “go to” place in Edinburgh, Scotland for used clothes, especially vintage clothing! You can shop in person or online! If you shop online, the best feature is to “Shop by Era” and pick your decade. It’s fun just to browse and see how clothing has changed through the decades!

Reuse or Recycle Those Clothes When You Get Tired Of Them

This is a key point if we are to break the harmful cycle of fast fashion and keep clothing out of rubbish clearance. You can use any of the sites listed above to let others reuse the used clothing you acquire if and when you get tired of it. You can also call Clearabee, a green on demand rubbish clearance company, to book a pickup of your used clothing. This is a much better alternative to simply binning your used clothes because Clearabee has a much stronger reuse and recycle record for clothing than do most local councils.

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