Luxury glass verandas

Your veranda is the perfect place to really show off your interior design skills, since you can usually see its contents from the outside of your house, and it’s also likely to be the first room your visitors will see when they’re entering your home. When a room is made mostly of glass though, it can be hard to decide how best to decorate it.

If you do decide to decorate a glass veranda, it’s worth remembering that it’s a transition zone between the inside and outside of your house, so one of the most effective ways to liven it up is to adorn it with plants and flowers. Even though most traditional verandas found at are roofed, which restricts the light a little; there is still plenty of sunlight to keep even the more demanding varieties of plants in good health, and a brightly coloured flowering plant is perfect to add a bit of life to your entrance hall.

The security roller shutters from Nationwide are highly customisable, which means that when you talk to one of Nationwide’s designers they will be happy to take your own design specifications into consideration and create a shutter that is ideally suited to your home; whether that’s a glass roof to let in more sunlight; a minimal design to create an airier space; or a more elaborate, ornate structure that means you don’t have to do any of the decorating yourself.

The great thing about decorating your veranda with plants is that you’re not committed to a particular design for too long. You can easily rearrange plants, put them into other rooms, add more or take some away. They also require minimal attention, needing only water as long as there is enough sunlight getting to your veranda. Plants are inexpensive, which means that you can easily revamp the entrance to your home at any point without breaking the bank, and you don’t need to invest the time and money into refurbishment. The addition of only a few plants can lend your veranda a much more luxurious, lived-in feel simply by taking some of the attention away from bare glass and light, open space.

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