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The truth is, although I’m an adventurous individual, I’m not a type of person that will buy something just because it’s what everybody is buying. When we find a certain products, it will become a favorite and we always stick to it. But I always favor something organic and earth friendly even though some of my friends would say that it’s more expensive than the regular one, because I believe that when you buy these products, you are not just helping yourself to live a more sustainable life but also helping those brands and company on their advocacy for a greener earth. That’s the same reason why i only review products that I tried and tested.

That’s why when I was asked by M Boutique to feature their products on my site, I did not have a second thought to try them since it’s always a joy to know brands who believe in organic and earth friendly products.


M Boutiques offers organic cleaning products and candles to all-natural shampoos and conditioners.   They created three lines of luxurious, earth-friendly products made from the world’s purest essential oils and natural extracts and abides on their theme of “Luxury By Nature”, “Foster my Body” . They even offer a line of pet products in collaboration with a well known dog groomer Jorge Bendersky for your precious dogs.

Cleaning your home with dangerous chemical is something you wouldn’t dare to do especially if you have little kids around you.  The toxic ingredients of this cleaning products can be a great contributor of cancer and many other diseases. If you search Mr. Google, the problems and diseases arising from using this chemicals would be too many that will make you freak out and throw away the existing products you have in your home.  There are many natural and home made products like vinegar and baking soda that has many uses but if you don’t know how to use these products, it is always better to leave it to the experts.


The M Boutique dish soap moroccan rose wild mint aroma makes it my instant favorite. Although, i don’t hate cleaning dishes, i just hate the dish liquids which makes my hand dry. This product contains a wheat germ oil that soothes and moisturizes your hands and the smell just makes you want to clean everything.


The hand lotion will make your hand soft, silky and revitalized even after a long tiring job at home or work plus add the minty sensation of the sweet aroma coming from it. Definitely a luxury at it’s bests but is something that within range of your family budget.

So, would I recommend this to my friends? Definitely yes. I believe that this is the best time to change your usual products to earth friendly and organic products from M Boutique.

If you set your heart on something, you will find that living a greener life is not as alternative as other may view of it. It begins on your way of thinking and living it will just come naturally.

Visit M Boutique today and check out their different home and body collections. Follow them  on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

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  1. Hadn’t heard of this brand before. Looks good.

  2. Marnie G (Derrick Todd) says

    This is my first exposure to this brand. I really like the look of the packaging and labels but even more importantly, I like that this is organic and earth-friendly.

  3. I have not heard of this company before, which is odd, because I am always on the lookout for organic, and eco friendly options. I will look into this. Thanks so much for sharing.

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