Making the Most of Our Natural HVAC Systems through Window Treatments

A lot of attention is placed on our reliance on mechanical means of heating and cooling a room, and it’s for very good reason. The cost of gas and electricity is rising at extraordinary rates and therefore, if we can reduce our reliance on these systems, we can save ourselves a small fortune in the process.

However, rather than wrapping up in jumpers in the middle of winter, or stripping off in the summer all in the name of saving money, it might be more advisable to tap into a difference method of regulating temperature. There’s no need to purchase any advanced mechanical systems here either – it all comes from the natural environment.

That’s right, if you can manipulate your window treatments strategically through the course of the day it’s possible to slash your reliance on your boiler or air conditioning system.

Let’s take a few examples. If you are lucky enough to reside in a hot area of the country, where your main problem is cooling your house down on a budget, you’re going to need to find a way to block out the daytime sun. Through window treatments this is one of the easiest things you’ll be able to achieve.

Something as simple as a blackout blind will be able to prevent any of the powerful rays piercing your glass during the day and allow you to arrive home to a comfortable temperature.

It’s possible to take this suggestion further though. Through modern advancements in the window treatments industry, some blinds are able to allow some sunlight in, whilst blocking out the rays that make a room just too hot to handle. Ultimately, these options stop your house from becoming something like a cave during the daytime.

Let’s now take a look at the opposite side of the coin, when you are one of the many people who reside in a colder climate. Even though the temperature may be a little lower, the sun will most probably shine brightly in at least one portion of the day. It’s in these cases where you need to take firm advantage and allow your room to receive some rare natural heat. Therefore, rather than shutting the world out, it’s time to leave your blinds open during the daytime.

There are again ways to enhance the effects though. Just like solar shades can transform the landscape for homes in a hot climate, insulated shades can have the same effect for cooler environments. These products do exactly as the name suggests and effectively insulate a room, with their unique design preventing any heat from escaping.

We’ve only taken a look at a handful of products through the course of this post, but already it’s starting to become glaringly obvious how much power window treatments have. They can encourage natural heating and air conditioning and in our green world, where energy bills are constantly on the rise, this is something which is of paramount importance.

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