Master Bedroom and Bathroom Makeover Ideas – While Going Green

When it comes to going green, most people think about what they can do in their daily life to make an impact. For example, most people will start using public transportation, walking, or carpooling to reduce their carbon footprint. Others will reduce the amount of energy they waste by turning off lights and/or appliances when not in use. Some will even eliminate the chemical-based cleaning products they use throughout their home.

While all of these are great ways to save the environment, making everyday changes is not the only way to go green. You also have the option of making ecofriendly choices when changing the interior design of your home, especially in a master bedroom and bathroom makeover. Check out some of the following green ideas for your bathroom and bedroom to help you make a bigger positive impact on the environment.

Bath Vanity

One ecofriendly idea is to switch to a new ecofriendly bath vanity. There are plenty of options out there that are already green, such as those that are made from recycled materials, including cork, recycled tile/stone, or even recycled wood. If you don’t need to replace your bath vanity , you can still give it a green upgrade by painting it a new color using a VOC-free paint or using some ecofriendly hardware on it.

nature inspired bathroom


In your bedroom, you can use ecofriendly bedding to help make your room greener. Ecofriendly bedding is made from natural materials, recycled products, or even organic cotton. They are just as comfortable and durable as other bedding options, and they will help make the environment a better place. Like traditional bedding, you can purchase ecofriendly bedding in a variety of colors and styles, so you can easily mix and match to complement your décor.


The flooring in your bathroom and bedroom can also be upgraded to an eco-friendly option. Choosing recycled wood can be a great option in your bathroom or bedroom. You can also choose recycled tile for your bathroom, or even use a cork floor for eco-friendly and durable options.

If you prefer carpet in the bedroom, you still can go green. There are plenty of carpets out there made from natural materials, such as organic cotton or other natural fibers. Plus, organic carpets don’t have the same harmful VOCs as traditional carpets, which make them even better for the environment in the long run.


For your bathroom and bedroom, consider using VOC-free paint for a clean, eco-friendly décor option. This paint comes in a variety of styles and colors, so you can easily find the one that matches your style and taste.

For an even greener approach, consider using VOC-free paint to give other items in your bedroom and bath an upgrade. For example, consider painting your bath vanity, light fixtures, or even bedroom furniture to give them an upgrade. This is better than  replacing them and putting the old furniture in the landfills (and it’s much cheaper too).


Eco-friendly light fixtures are another green upgrade to make in your master bedroom and bathroom. You can choose fixtures that match the décor and style in both rooms. Plus, you can also buy energy- efficient bulbs too to enhance the amount of the energy you’ll be saving. Make sure to swap out all light fixtures in both rooms, including those in closets, as wall sconces, and even above bathroom vanities.

Water-Saving Products

In your bathroom, you can make green changes by investing in water-saving products. Your bath vanity faucets, your shower heads, and even your toilet can all be swapped out for one that is more eco-friendly. These products use less water, which helps the environment. Some toilets even have a dual- flush, allowing you to pick and choose when more water is used or when less is best.

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